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According to ACAB statistics, 42% of the respondents cited the untimely payment of salaries as the reason for delaying the settlement of debts in 2012.
Al gruppo ABAC (n=14) sono state somministrate le mobilizzazioni con l'ordine A-B-A-C dove ognuna di esse e stata eseguita singolarmente per 3 settimane consecutive (per un totale quindi di 12 settimane), mentre il gruppo ACAB (n=14) prevedeva lo stesso trattamento ma in un diverso ordine cronologico di applicazione (A-C-A-B).
ACAB, which is expected to report sales in 2007 of SEK 110 M and operating income of SEK 13 M, was founded in 1988 and is a leading company in development and production of advanced composite products.
The ACAB spokeswoman claimed a supporter of the group had been arrested before being later being released without charge.
ACAB driverwas threatened by a knife-wielding robber who escaped in his taxi.
In his spare time he plays keyboards with local band ACAB.