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ACADEMICAzithromycin in Coronary Artery Disease Elimination of Myocardial Infection
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To all those belauded sages of the academic chairs, wisdom was sleep without dreams: they knew no higher significance of life.
When the difficulty of learning the English language was subtracted, I found that in the matter of learning trades and in mastering academic studies there was little difference between the coloured and Indian students.
Neither saw the difference between local truth and universal truth; that what the inner world said in their clerical and academic hearing was quite a different thing from what the outer world was thinking.
The philosopher of the half-educated,' he was called by an academic Philosopher who was not worthy to pollute the atmosphere he breathed.
We can measure the unknown only by the known," I replied, in my finest academic manner.
Having obtained from this clerk a direction to the academic grove in question, I set out, the same afternoon, to visit my old schoolfellow.
In order to compel competition, according to the academic theories of the day, licenses were given to thir- teen private companies.
Here he continued peacefully to wander amid the academic bowers, until the blast of war rung in his ears, and called him to the field of honour.
Peele and Greene were University men who wrote partly for Court or academic audiences, partly for the popular stage.
To sage Philosophy next lend thine ear, From heaven descended to the low-roofed house Of Socrates--see there his tenement-- Whom, well inspired, the Oracle pronounced Wisest of men; from whose mouth issued forth Mellifluous streams, that watered all the schools Of Academics old and new, with those Surnamed Peripatetics, and the sect Epicurean, and the Stoic severe.
In its meeting which was recently held, the EMC presided over by Dr Hassan Al Derham, approved the new regulations on the Academic Probation policy.
As the team savored the Los Angeles Unified School District championship it won a day earlier in the mind-boggling Academic Decathlon, Bauer called the victory a metaphor for how far Granada Hills Charter had come.
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