ACAFAdvisory Committee on Animal Feedingstuffs (UK)
ACAFAustralian Contemporary Art Fair
ACAFAutoridade Central Administrativa Federal (Brazil)
ACAFAsphalt Contractors Association of Florida, Inc.
ACAFAlianza Cívica de Asociaciones Femeninas (Civic Alliance of Womens' Associations, Guatemala)
ACAFAsociación Centroamericana de Franquicias (Spanish: Central American Franchise Association; est. 2004)
ACAFAdvanced Counter Air Fighter
ACAFAfro-Caribbean and Asian Forum (Nottingham, England, UK)
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The relaxant effects of ACAF, MCPF, MCAF were shown to be mediated by [alpha] and [beta] adrenergic receptors in the ileum and colon, since tolazoline and propranolol blocked the relaxations.
ACAF was more potent than MCPF in relaxing the ileum (Table 7) probably due to a difference in the chemical structure or concentration of the relaxant constituents of the two drugs.
ACAF relaxed the ileum, its effect was blocked by tolazoline (5.
ACAFS members will receive updates on important developments and analysis to keep them ahead of new practices and trends.
ACAFS will be formally launched at the Asset Forfeiture 2009 Global Conference, presented by AssetForfeitureWatch.
The first organization of its kind, ACAFS is dedicated to promoting the asset forfeiture as a tool of law enforcement.
ACAFS is committed to promoting and advancing the legal, effective and ethical use of asset forfeiture as a tool of law enforcement.