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ACALAArmament and Chemical Acquisition and Logistics Activity
ACALAUS Army Armament & Chemical Acquisition & Logistics Agency
ACALAAntigonish County Adult Learning Association (Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada)
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Aslam M, Travis RL, Rains DW (2001) Inhibition of net nitrate uptake by ammonium in Pima and Acala cotton roots.
Riata', a glyphosate-resistant (Roundup Ready) transgenic Acala cotton variety (Bayer Crop Science, Shafter, CA), was used until 2008 and 2009, when 'Phy 8212 RF', an experimental Roundup Ready Flex Pima variety (Phytogen/Dow, Corcoran, CA), was grown to evaluate these tillage systems for Pima cotton.
1990; Francour, 1991, 1994; Russ and Acala, 1996) and as a tool for assessing the standing stock or biomass of individual species of reef fish (Craik, 1981; Russ, 1985; Medley et al.
Ancestors of the fine upland cotton that is grown today in California were originally collected in the Acala Valley of Mexico in 1906 and used in a breeding program at the Agricultural Experiment Station in Texas," says Percival.
Does Derrida's work reflect his Post-colonial acala (source), or the tension arising from his "mestizo" experience?
After experimenting with breeding colored cottons for several years, she applied for a production research allotment from California's Acala Cotton Board but was denied.
The experiment was conducted in a completely randomized design in a factorial combination that analyzed four genotypes (BRS 187 8H and ACALA SJ-4--water deficit tolerant; CNPA 7H and SU-0450/8909 --water deficit sensitive) and two water regimes (watered/always irrigated and stressed/with a water deficit imposed at flowering).
We have become the elite choice in Pima and Acala cotton in the West and this success is the foundation for how we've developed our early and midseason Upland varieties for the South.
Andrew Acala, driver of a PT Cruiser, was killed late Saturday afternoon in a two-car collision on Sierra Highway at Placerita Canyon Road, one of several accidents in the area around the same time, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies.