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ACAPApplication Configuration Access Protocol
ACAPArmy Career and Alumni Program
ACAPAtlantic Coastal Action Program
ACAPAdvanced Common Application Platform
ACAPAgreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels (international treaty)
ACAPAssociação do Comércio Automóvel de Portugal
ACAPAviation Consumer Action Project (Washington, DC)
ACAPAfrican Census Analysis Project
ACAPAs Close As Possible
ACAPAnalyst Capability
ACAPAustralian College of Ambulance Professionals (Australia)
ACAPAlliance of Claims Assistance Professionals
ACAPAged Care Assessment Program
ACAPAirport Capital Assistance Program (Canada)
ACAPAdvanced Capabilities
ACAPAmerican Council on Alcohol Problems
ACAPAdvanced Composite Airframe Program
ACAPAlien Criminal Apprehension Program (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement)
ACAPAfrican Caribbean Achievement Project
ACAPAlberta Coalition Against Poverty (Canada)
ACAPAIDS/HIV Care Access Project
ACAPAutomatic Circuit Analysis Program
ACAPArmy Cost Analysis Paper
ACAPAirplane Characteristics for Airport Planning (aviation)
ACAPAlliance for Constructive Air Policy
ACAPAzimuthally Collapsed Antenna Pattern
ACAPAlarm Control and Annunciator Panel
ACAPAdvisory Council for Administrative Professionals
ACAPAir Command Acoustic Processing
ACAPAdaptive Channel-Access Protocol
ACAPAvionics for Composite Aircraft Plan
ACAPArmy Cost Analysis Position
ACAPAssessment Correlation and Analysis Process
ACAPAny Channel Any Protocol
AcaPAdenocarcinoma of the Prostate (prostate cancer)
ACAPAnimal Care Application (ethical research form; Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee)
ACAPAccord sur la Conservation des Albatros et des Pétrels (French: Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels)
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Complaints received by a Local Professionalism Panel may be referred to ACAP at any time depending upon the nature and severity of the complaint.
As it is presently configured, the ACAP is awarded annually to five artists on the basis of proposals for new artworks.
It's all about preparing yourself, and that's what ACAP does.
In academic literature, ACAP has been captured thus far by simple R&D proxies (e.
ACAP Project Director Mark Bide said: "We are delighted that the time has now come to pass the ACAP reins to IPTC.
There is no mention of any progress by ACAP in lending any of the $3.
ACAP offer mortgages in over 10 prime locations worldwide.
Working with search engines, ACAP is a protocol that helps to safeguard publishers wanting to make their content available via the Internet.
As one of the alliance's major cost-down initiatives, the ACAP (Alternative Content Access Platform) project aims to cut the figure of more than US $2 billion which the 18 member carriers spend annually on GDS fees.
Army National Guard and Army Reserve personnel who have completed more than 180 days of continuous active duty are eligible for full ACAP services.
To test this great advancement in personalized secure networking and secure data transfer, visit the ACAP Security website at http://www.
ACAP offers a week-long summer residency during which students attend classes on careers in accounting and business, personal development and college preparation; and tour college campuses as well as local companies and CPA firms.