ACARPAustralian Coal Association Research Program
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ACARP intends to vaccinate 70 percent of dogs in the country through strategic components: setting priority vaccination areas, protecting program implementers by giving pre-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), large-scale information dissemination, and partnerships with private local and international organizations such as the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC).
Ademas del caso de los lip dub, incluimos tambien como ACARP grabaciones de actuaciones policiales hechas por la ciudadania, colgadas directamente en plataformas como Youtube con la intencion de denunciar, o cuando menos mostrar, tales hechos.
Los ACARP se configuran como una forma novedosa de reivindicacion, una innovacion tactica (Del Amo, Diaux, Letamendia, 2012; McAdam, 1983; Morris, 2003).
Senalabamos como caso significativo el del lip dub de Bretana, donde las redes de movilizacion y solidaridad hacia Euskal Herria son ahora encaminadas hacia los lip dub, lo que senala al tiempo tambien a este ACARP como algo que se esta convirtiendo en caracteristico de lo reivindicativo vasco.
En la construccion del discurso, de la narrativa que articulan los ACARP, recordamos que Castells apuntaba, respecto a las nuevas formas de comunicacion, a la capacidad para articular dos marcos culturales contrapuestos: lo global y lo identitario, lo individual y lo comunitario.
The CSIRO's Energy Technology group and ACARP are also working on developing a new process for the dewatering of fine (-0.
Funded by an ACARP grant of more than $600,000--as well as in-kind support from MineWare and CRCMining--the joint R&D project focuses on developing and implementing a new dig sequencing technology that aims to identify the best sequence of operations and movements for a dragline to excavate in the most efficient and productive way.
Attracting widespread support and interest from mining industry leaders and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the project builds upon the work of several previous ACARP projects and research undertaken by CRCMining on tactical mission-planning for mining excavators.
Finally, ACARP demanded an open communication protocol to enable all the elements involved in automation to communicate with each other no matter from which manufacturer they came.
The technology had to be delivered to the industry as an integral part of longwall mining equipment, not just an add-on, and it could not be exclusive to just one manufacturer--this was an ACARP requirement," Hainsworth said.
The ACARP Underground R&D committee recently awarded the SkillPro/BMT WBM team an excellence award for the research and development undertaken on the Active Barrier project.
The innovative Active Barrier technology has the potential to revolutionise safety in the mining industry and recently picked up an excellence award from ACARP (Australian Coal Association Research Program).