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ACARSAircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
ACARSARINC Communications Addressing and Reporting System
ACARSAirborne Communications Addressing and Reporting System
ACARSAir Concepts and Requirements Study
ACARSAccess Control and Release System
ACARSAeronautical Radio Communications Addressing Reporting System
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The official said that when ACARS is turned off, Swift continues on, adding that if Swift is configured to track engine data, that data will be streamed off the plane as it continues to be powered up along with the aircraft.
The new information opened the possibility that both ACARS and the plane's transponders, which make the plane visible to civilian air traffic controllers, were turned off at about the same time.
Both Boeing and Rolls-Royce have told us they did not get any ACARS transmission after 1.
Even as we look towards the introduction of a new aeronautical telecommunications network protocol for air traffic control data link and aircraft IP links for electronic flight bags, ACARS is so embedded in aircraft that it is set to remain the communications backbone of aviation for another 15 to 20 years," said Philip Clinch, SITA vice president, Aircraft Communication Services.
We are very pleased to add FlyteComm as a partner their services add complementary capabilities to our ACARS service that we provide to the world airlines," said Jeannine Hendricks, Director of Business Development of ARINC.
On Sunday, Malaysian Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said at a news conference that that the final, reassuring words from the cockpit -- ''All right, good night'' -- were spoken to air traffic controllers after the ACARS system was shut off.
Mr Quest explained that turning off the ACARS is something that could not be done easily.
37 am, investigators believe someone switched off the ACARS system, designed to transmit maintenance data back to the ground.
ACARS consists of internal systems, located on the aircraft and throughout Continental's computer networks, and an external system of ground receivers and a sophisticated national and international network of computers.
The system allows voice and ACARS operations beyond land-based VHF coverage.
Hong Kong Airlines (HKA) is the launch airline for a new service from Rockwell Collins that enables the airline to conduct live credit card authorizations using Wi-FiA over its existing ARINC ACARS infrastructure.
Automated ACARS error messages from an Airbus A330 that vanished in the Atlantic in 2009 focused attention initially on inconsistent speed readings as a possible cause of that crash.