ACAT2Acetyl-Coa Acetyltransferase 2
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Reduction activity and expression 24 h (2001) of ACAT2 and MTP Mollace et al.
The ACAT2 gene is involved with producing Acetyl-CoA C-acetyltransferase.
05--indicated that ACSL1, ABCA1, DHCR24, ACAT2, ACACA, ABCG1, ACAD9, ACACB, IDI1, PPARG, SCD, SCARB1, HMGCS1, EBP, DHCR7, FASN, HMGCR, and GPAM were down-regulated upon G treatment; whereas NR1H2, PPARA, INSIG2, CPTP1, APOE, VLDLR, ABCC2, and SREBF2 were activated after exposure to G (Fig.