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ACATSAda Conformity Assessment Test Suite
ACATSAirborne Chromatograph for Atmospheric Trace Species
ACATSAnalytical Conflict and Tactical Simulation
ACATSAmerican Catfish Anglers Tournament Series
ACATSAutomated Corrective Action Tracking System
ACATSArmy Combined Arms Training System
ACATSAutomated Customer Account Transfer Service (investing)
ACATSAdvisory Committee on Advanced Television Services (US FCC)
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The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently recommended that NSCC work closely with its participants to identify changes to the clearance and settlement features of ACATS to further enhance the safety and soundness of the system and provide more protection of customer assets.
DDC-I introduced the first real-time Ada debugger, the first validated 1750A Ada compiler, the first FAA-certified multitasking run-time system, the first ANDF (Architecture Neutral Distribution Format) Ada 95 compiler, and the first compiler to pass ACATS 2.
SCORE provides optimizing compilers for Ada, C, Embedded C ++, and Fortran77, all of which pass the applicable ACATS, PlumHall, Perennial, and FCVS compiler validation suites.