ACBFAfrican Capacity Building Foundation
ACBFFondation pour le renforcement des capacités en Afrique
ACBFAnterior Cervical Bony Fusion
ACBFAutoregulation of Cerebral Blood Flow (brain research)
ACBFAC-Rich Binding Factor
ACBFAutogenous Cortical Bone Fragments
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Namibia sees the establishment of the ACBF as a response to severity of Africa's capacity constraints and the challenge to invest in indigenous human capital and institutions in sub Saharan Africa," said Alweendo.
The MOU also encourages partnership between ACBF and NEPAD to enhance collaboration and streamlining of capacity development initiatives.
Rowland Shuttleworth, Blackwell's Sales Manager in Africa, worked with Ebook Library to create a content list and platform that would accommodate the current and ongoing resource needs of the ACBF Library and Information Centre.
The ACBF was established in 2001 with the specific aim of supporting and promoting African Caribbean businesses.
Kevin Whyte, Real Talk magazine, is up for an ACBF award.
Business Link West Midlands, which also works closely with the Institute of Asian Businesses, BCABA and ACBF, has a number of ambitious plans to increase the number of entrepreneurs, with one of the most pioneering being the development of local role models, who will promote the virtues of being your own boss to school children, young people and older members of the community.
Introduction: In Dec 2010 the ACBF Executive Board approved an emergency grant of US$ 2,250,000 for three years to assist the Government of South Sudan (GoSS) in strengthening economic policy and public financialmanagement (PFM) in the post-independent South Sudan.
Now the world is beginning to realise that the State does have a crucial role to play, and must exert responsibility in many different areas in order for development to take place," the ACBF says in this year's Africa Capacity Indicators Report (ACIR), its flagship document, which was launched in London on 3 April.
From left: Sandra Croasdale of the ACBF, Evan Watson of Watson's Glass, winner of the Business of the Year Award, and BBC Presenter Michelle Robinson, who presented the awards.
Dennis Christie, ACBF business manager at Business Link Black Country, said: "This year's finalists represent just a small selection of the many success stories within the African Caribbean business community.
Describing the ACBF as "a sister organisation to Nepad", he commended the ACBF's 2012 Capacity Indicators Report: Capacity Development for Agricultural Transformation and Food Security.
Dennis Christie, ACBF business manager at Business Link Black Country, said: "I first met Fred through the UK Trade & Investment's Passport to Export scheme when he was beginning to branch out into international markets.