ACBMAsbestos-Containing Building Material
ACBMActive Common Berthing Mechanism (NASA)
ACBMAdvanced Cement-Based Material(s)
ACBMAdvisory Committee on Biology and Medicine
ACBMAustralasian Christadelphian Bible Mission (Australia, New Zealand)
ACBMAdvisory Committee for Biology & Medicine
ACBMAssociated Corset and Brassiere Manufacturers (New York, NY)
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The evaluation focused on two parameters: current condition of ACBM and potential for future disturbance, damage, or erosion of ACBM.
More than 95% of the time the ACBM found was friable and in a poor condition indicative of fiber release.
It was found in 12 or 75% of the hospitals with ACBM but only in 24 or 36% of the samples collected.
Our study was the most comprehensive investigation for ACBM carried out at Jamaican hospitals to date.
This was not surprising given the fact this type of asbestos is found in more than 90% of ACBM found in buildings in the U.
We recommend immediate removal and safe disposal of the ACBM from structures that have long become obsolete.
The ACBM will not attempt to develop new breakthrough-type materials.
Understanding the microstructure of existing materials allows us to engineer materials with improved strength, durability, and fracture characteristics," says Surendra Shah, ACBM director at NU.
Friable ACBM which was sprayed or trowelled on to large surface areas for acoustical purposes poses the greatest risk to all building occupants.
Measured median levels of airborne asbestos in schools containing friable ACBM have been reported between 0.
As originally mandated by the EPA, on or before October 12, 1988, a certified inspector must inspect all school buildings for ACBM and evaluate any friable ACBM.
Common ACBMs include insulation wrap on steam lines, ducts, and furnaces, floor and ceiling tiles, and surfacing material on steel girders, walls and ceilings[1-3] (Figures 1 and 2).