ACBTActive Cycle of Breathing Technique (physiotherapy)
ACBTAtlantic Contemporary Ballet Theatre (Atlantic City Ballet; New Jersey)
ACBTAustralian College of Business and Technology
ACBTAir Combat Training
ACBTAmerican Council of the Blind of Texas (est. 1978)
ACBTAlabama Coastal Birding Trail (Gulf Shores, AL)
ACBTABMP Certified Bodywork Therapist
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Of the three techniques, ACBT (standardised physiotherapy) can be taught and performed by people at home free of cost, whereas PEP requires some equipment--bubble-PEP is inexpensive, while TheraPEP[R] is more costly.
Savci e colleghi (32) hanno condotto uno studio randomizzato controllato che mette a confronto 20 giorni di trattamento con AD a un regime di ACBT, DP e tecniche manuali attuate da un fisioterapista nei pazienti di BPCO con abbondante produzione di espettorato.
The use of MGAD is further justified by an equivalent sputum expectoration in up to 95% of patients with bronchiectasis when completing ACBT with MGAD compared to GAD with head down tilt (Cecins et al 1999).
This clinical practice is not reflective of the beneficial effects associated with oscillating PEP and the greater patient preference reported with its use compared to ACBT or GAD (Thompson et al 2002, Tsang and Jones 2003, Patterson et al 2005, Patterson et al 2007; Eaton et al 2007).
While the reason for this is unclear, AD has been shown to be of similar benefit as ACBT (Savci et al 2000) and the complex training required for therapists to successfully teach AD may not be widely available in Australia and NZ.
The ACBT Performing Arts Academy ACBT International Performing Arts Camp
Atlantic Contemporary Ballet Theatre international ACBT International Performing Arts Camp