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ACCESSAssessing Comprehension and Communication in English State-to-State
ACCESSAdvanced Cosmic-Ray Composition Experiment (Space Station)
ACCESSAirCraft Casualty Emotional Support Services
ACCESSArab Community Center for Economic & Social Services (Detroit, Michigan)
ACCESSAssault Care Center (Ames, IA)
ACCESSAlliance Center for Collaboration, Education, Science, and Software
ACCESSAdvocacy Center for Children's Educational Success with Standards
ACCESSAssembly Concept for Construction of Erectable Space Structures
ACCESSA Comprehensive Custody Evaluation Standard System
ACCESSArea Cooperative Computerized Educational Service System
ACCESSAnalysis Computer for Component Engineering Services Support (semiconductors)
ACCESSAlternatives to Combat Child Labor Through Education and Sustainable Services
ACCESSAltera Commitment to Cooperative Engineering Solutions
ACCESSAutomatic Computer Controlled Electronic Scanning System
ACCESSAmerican Computerized Commodity Exchange System and Services (NYMEX)
ACCESSArmy Commissary Computer Entry Store System
ACCESSArmy Compassionate Cancer Education Support Services
ACCESSAegis Configuration Control and Engineering Status System
ACCESSAIDS Counselling Centre and Education Support Services
ACCESSAdvanced Computer Controlled Essential Services Software
ACCESSAfloat Consumption, Cost & Effectiveness Surveillance System
ACCESSAcquiring Computer Competencies for Each Student’s Success
ACCESSAssociation of Community Care, Education and Social Services
ACCESSAssembly Concepts for the Construction of Erectable Space Structures (NASA)
ACCESSAircraft Computerized Equipment Support System (Boeing Company)
ACCESSAutomated Command & Control Executive Support System
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The College Access Initiative formalized a foundational role for guaranty agencies in promoting access and contributed to a growing effort among many organizations to increase college access.
Access control is the mechanism by which a system grants or restricts the right to access facilities (physical access) or computer networks and data (logical access).
Hackers roam the streets with notebook computers, wireless access cards, high-gain antennas and global positioning systems looking for unsecured access points.
With our access softswitch, carriers can leverage their existing multi-billion dollar investment in access infrastructure to offer new next generation voice and packet services.
There is a fundamental profundity concerning remote access to library resources that can be easily forgotten in the whirl of digital library development--i.
The microcomputer and computer access revolutions have opened new opportunities for people who are blind or visually impaired to enter the labor market with independent, immediate access to information required on the job.
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