ACCMSAsian Consortium for Computational Materials Science
ACCMSAcademic Center for Computing and Media Studies (Kyoto University; Kyoto, Japan)
ACCMSAdvanced Checkout, Control and Maintenance System
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Cray said that although it has been selected to provide these systems to the ACCMS, Cray and Kyoto University have not yet finalised the contract for the procurement of these systems and the purchases remain subject to the parties' ability to finalise the contract.
The new Cray system at Kyoto University will be operated by researchers and engineers at the ACCMS, which conducts research and development, related to the advanced use of information technology infrastructure and information media.
The large-scale supercomputer computations for this research have been supported by the Collaborative Research Program for Large-Scale Computation of ACCMS and IIMC, Kyoto University.