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ACCPAmerican College of Chest Physicians
ACCPAmerican College of Clinical Pharmacy
ACCPAlliance for Cervical Cancer Prevention (est. 1999)
ACCPAssociation Canadienne des Chefs de Police (French: Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police)
ACCPArmy Correspondence Course Program
ACCPApproval Committee for Certificate Programs (American Academy of Professional Coders)
ACCPAtlantic Climate Change Program
ACCPAssociation of Caribbean Commissioners of Police
ACCPAmerican College of Contingency Planners (American Association of Medical Administrators)
ACCPAssociation of Corporate Contributions Professionals (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
ACCPAnti-Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide
ACCPAssembly of Caribbean Community Parliamentarians
ACCPAssociation Canadienne des Chefs de Pompiers (French: Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
ACCPAssociation of Chinese Canadian Professionals (Canada)
ACCPAustralian Centre for Cleaner Production
ACCPAutomatic Credit Card Payment
ACCPAllied Combat Clothing Publication
ACCPAssociate Certified Coach Program
ACCPAssociation des Collectionneurs de Carnets de Timbres et de Publicitimbres (French stamp collecting club)
ACCPArmy Contingency Communications Package
ACCPAuto-Created Client Printer
ACCPAccelerated Case Closure Procedures
ACCPAccuracy Critical Control Points
ACCPAmerican Chemistry Council Panel
ACCPAptech Computer Certified Professional (Aptech Ltd.)
ACCPAssociation Clean Cuisines Professionnelles (French: Professional Kitchen Cleaning Association)
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ACCP "did not follow any kind of peer review process" to arrive at its endorsement, Harbut stated in his resignation letter.
The ACCP guidelines are published once every three years as a supplement to CHEST.
The ACCP also recommends LMWH for all pregnant patients with a prior VTE.
Kathi Driggs, COO for CMAA states, “We are excited about this relationship with the ACCP as it offers an additional training component for clubs' management teams.
Recommendations were graded by consensus of the panel, using the ACCP Health and Science Policy Grading System, based on the quality of evidence and net benefits of the intervention.
We agree with the ACCP recommendation that any chronic cough condition should be addressed by a health care professional, but we stand by the judgments reached by leading regulatory agencies that O-T-C cough/cold medicines are safe and effective for the symptoms stated on their labels and when used as directed," says a CHPA statement.
chaired the ACCP committee that developed the guidelines.
ACCP recommends that for adults with acute cough or postnasal drip syndrome an older variety of antihistamine with a decongestant is the preferred therapy.
The ACCP also recommends wearing an elastic compression stocking with a pressure of 30 to 40 mm Hg at the ankle for 2 years after an episode of DVT and a course of intermittent pneumatic compression for patients with severe edema of the leg resulting from post-thrombotic syndrome.
Alpesh Amin said at the annual meeting of the ACCP.