ACCVAsian Conference on Computer Vision
ACCVAnti-Cancer Council of Victoria (Australia)
ACCVAdvisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (US DHHS)
ACCVArts Council of the Conejo Valley (Thousand Oaks, CA)
ACCVAssociation Cycliste Cantonale Vaudoise (French: Canton of Vaud Cycling Association; Switzerland)
ACCVArmored Cavalry Cannon Vehicle
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5, 2003, at 76 [hereinafter March 5, 2003 ACCV Transcript] (on file with author) ("Though we see many of the same cases day after day, same vaccines, same injury, same literature, extensive litigation continues and different results occur.
Transcript of Meeting of June 1, 2005, at 21 [hereinafter June 1, 2005 ACCV Transcript] (on file with author) ("[I]t's problematic to measure the effectiveness of a program by how long it takes to process a petition when the .
269) See June 1, 2005 ACCV Transcript, supra note 53, at 27 ("There are many reasons why the program has been unable to meet [the 240-day deadline].
1996); see also ALLEN, supra note 113, at 293 (discussing the pervasive "bitterness" parents felt following these amendments); Advisory Comm'n on Childhood Vaccines, Transcript of Meeting of March 1, 1995, at 113 [hereinafter March 1, 1995 ACCV Transcript] (on file with author) ("We feel like we have been betrayed.
116) Likewise, the ACCV is comprised of health experts, members of the general public (two of whom have children who have suffered vaccine-related injury or death), lawyers, and officials from relevant agencies.
This is the method used to calculate nutrient intakes from the ACCV questionnaire (6).
The frequency list from the ACCV questionnaire used in AusDiab has been compared to multiple 24-hour recalls or records and the intakes of many nutrients are under- or overestimated by twofold (6.
NVAC differs from the ACCV in its advisory capacity to the Secretary.
In the first week of the Australian Open, we tested 525 pairs of glasses, and found that 87% fell into the 'general purpose' category, meaning they are intended to reduce sun glare in ordinary circumstances," said Craig Sinclair, ACCV SunSmart campaign manager.
The non-profit ACCV organization is at the Australian Open to promote their SunSmart program, a comprehensive skin cancer control program designed to inform and educate the public about the dangers of sun exposure and how to protect themselves.