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About ACD ACD creates revolutionary technology and combines it with the finest claims services group available.
He also noted that the development of the ACD as a real organization for strategic cooperation has been realized by the establishment of the Provisional Secretariat in Kuwait.
The top Kuwaiti diplomat also informed the ACD members that Kuwait would like to become a member of the Asian Development Bank Group and sought their support.
The previous ACD ministerial meetings were held in Tehran in 2010, Sri Lanka in 2009, Kazakhstan in 2008, South Korea in 2007, Qatar in 2006, Pakistan in 2005, China in 2004 and Thailand in 2002 and 2003.
The ACD aims to provide a non-institutionalized arrangement for the exchange of ideas and experiences.
More than 32 Asian countries and a number of international organizations are taking part in the ACD Summit.
Iran, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, India, Pakistan are among the major member-states of ACD.
Now, with the inclusion of validated and curated compound availability information from eMolecules, Accelrys ACD customers can order with increased confidence that chemical suppliers will deliver the compounds on time," said Dr.
Highlighting his country's agenda on further enhancing cooperation among ACD members, he said that Thailand main focus is on areas of energy security and food security.
We are excited about the opportunity to expand our relationship with ACD Systems by implementing our e-commerce and e-marketing best practices across its U.
The ACD meeting will also focus on women's role in promoting Asian culture and expansion of cooperation among the member states.
The Indian minister pointed to great potentials ACD enjoys, which would contribute in serving peoples' of Asia, stressing at the same time that his country will endorse any resolutions to be adopted by ACD.