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ACDC[not an acronym] slang for bisexuality
ACDCAlternating Current/Direct Current
ACDCAgricultural Communications Documentation Center
ACDCAll Campus Dining Center (Vassar College)
ACDCAustrian Cluster Data Centre
ACDCAsociación de Consumidores de Derivados del Cannabis
ACDCAdvisory Council on Development Cooperation
ACDCAsian Community Development Corporation (Boston, MA)
ACDCAccio Ciutadana de Catalunya (Citizen Action of Catalonia; Spanish Catalan Party)
ACDCAll Canadian Doukhobor Choir (Canada)
ACDCAccurate Coordinate Datasets Collection
ACDCAdipocyte, C1q, and Collagen Domain Containing (Protein)
ACDCAdvisory Committee to the Director (US NIH)
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Under the ACDC program, SwRI will develop a field-deployable, automated process to destroy toxic industrial compounds.
ACDC became accredited by the American Correctional Association in August 2010.
ACDC told the couple they were in the business of doing original loans but were not attempting to compete with local banks to land new clients.
Jeff Franklin and his Agency ATI represented some of the recording industry's most successful and honored rock and rhythm and blues artists including Neil Young, Bob Seger, ACDC, KISS, Rod Stewart, Black Sabbath, Marvin Gaye, Deep Purple, Ozzie Osborn, Yes, Beach Boys, Guns and Roses and The Eagles just to name a few.
This world famous recording studio, synonymous with U2, Windmill Lane has also hosted some of the biggest selling recording artists such as The Rolling Stones, ACDC, Spice Girls and recently Lady Gaga.
acdc lighting systems is the lead sponsor for this event and will provide all of the lighting equipment for each city.
It's difficult to say we're like the Foo Fighters or ACDC because we have a horn section.
Tonight Mark Morriss, Chris Helme -Ku Bar, Stockton pounds 6; Meschiya Lake -Arc, Stockton pounds 10; Sam Dickinson -The Green Room, Georgian Theatre, Stockton pounds 4; ACDC tribute -Studio, Hartlepool pounds 7adv/pounds 9otd; Get Cubs -Yates'' Boro FREE.
According to Pollster, Spears' 'Circus' tour was the third highest-grossing tour worldwide in 2009 (just behind ACDC and Fleetwood Mac) and pulled a gross of around 54.
One of New York's newest hotels, Andaz 5th Avenue combines individuality, style, comfort and a true sense of place with their take on ACDC.
During this period the Gang Show gave many young people their first chance to perform and be on stage ( including rocker and ACDC front man Brian Johnson in 1961 and 62.