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ACDFAnterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (surgery)
ACDFAmerican College Dance Festival
ACDFAccess Control Decision Function
ACDFActive Communities Development Fund
ACDFAustin Cosplay Defense Force (gaming)
ACDFAfrican Community Development Foundation
ACDFAdvisory Committee on Diagnostic Facilities (British Columbia, Canada)
ACDFAccess - Control Decision Facility
ACDFAdvanced Chemical Diagnostics Facility
ACDFadult children from dysfunctional families (alcoholism studies)
ACDFArunalu Community Development Foundation (Sri Lanka)
ACDFAfghan Community Development Framework (International Medical Corps in Afghanistan)
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In November 2015 Cerapedics received FDA approval for the use of i-FACTOR bone graft in ACDF procedures in patients with degenerative cervical disc disease.
14] 2015 F 64 C4-C5 + C5-C6 ACDF + Good laminectomy C3 to C6 + C2 to T6 screw-rod fixation Present case 2016 M 69 C3-C4, C4-C5, C5-C6 Good ACDF + laminectomy C3 to C6 + C2-T4 screw-rod fixation
He compared two cohorts of tracheostomy less than 4 days from ACDF and greater than 10 days.
For several decades, ACDF has been regarded as the gold standard for the treatment of cervical radiculopathy or myelopathy.
Table 2 Distribution of IOM Modalities Used for Cervical Non-Deformity Surgery * Surgery SSEP TcMEP SSEP sEMG TcMEP SSEP SSEP None SSEP tEMG sEMG TcMEP sEMG ACDF (radiculopathy) 6 25 19 25 13 13 ACDF (myelopathy) -- 13 20 27 27 13 TDR -- 23 15 46 -- 15 Posterior cervical 27 13 20 27 -- 13 laminoforaminotomy Posterior cervical 7 20 27 27 13 7 laminectomy Posterior cervical -- -- 20 47 13 20 laminectomy/fusion/ instrumentation Posterior cervical -- 17 17 33 17 17 laminoplasty * Values represent percentage of surgeons.
The operation level was C4-C5 in 3(13%) ACDF patients and 3(15.
Here, we report fusion rates of a glycerol-preserved composite bone graft as an interbody spacer in ACDF procedures using an identically constructed frozen allograft as control.
Treatment for pharyngoesophageal perforations after ACDF should be tailored for each patient.
He was offered various surgical options including ACDF, Posterior Foraminotomy and TDR.
In Levine's case, since the damaged disc was located at the bottom of his neck, where movement is minimal, an ACDF procedure made sense.
3 give the relative error list of ACDF outputs (exact available transfer capability) and neural network output (approximate available transfer capability) for different test cases.
Fueron significativas, por ejemplo, las relativas a la Congregazione dell'Inquisizione, dirigidas sobre todo a regular la presencia y tareas de los familiares, de los <<crocesignati>> y de otros, demasiado numerosos, <<collaboratori>> del tribunal de la fe: ACDF, UV 11, cc.