ACDNAction des Citoyens pour Le Désarmement Nucléaire (French: Citizens Action for Nuclear Disarmament)
ACDNAuburn Community Development Network (youth leadership program; Auburn, New South Wales, Australia)
ACDNA Content Delivery Network (computing)
ACDNAsociacion Colombiana De Neurologia (Spanish: Colombian Association of Neurology; Bogota, Colombia)
ACDNAutomatic Call Distribution Number (Nortel phone systems)
ACDNAdministrative Call-processing Data Node
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In April 2009 Jean-FranE*ois Fechino from ACDN was part of a four-person team which went to Gaza for the Arab Commission for Human Rights.
6] ACDN, 4 July 2009; Report on the Use of Radioactive Weapons in the Gaza Strip during Operation Cast Lead.
She encouraged all NZNO members to consider joining the ACDN when considering whether to take up the option of joining a second college or section.
The ACDN provides many resources and communication links to minimise isolation and connect with other nurses and multidisciplinary groups focusing on diabetes care.
This framework informs our ACDN accreditation programme, which has guided our members in their clinical practice and excellence in diabetes nursing.
Another conclusion was that the ethnic groups over-represented in people with diabetes were under-represented in ACDN accreditation and nurse prescribing.