ACE-NetAngel Capital Electronic Network
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ACE-Net is an Internet-based listing service for ventures that, for a fee of up to $450 annually, can be viewed anonymously by accredited angel investors across the nation.
ACE-Net is a good early move because, with its national scope, it exposes proposals to the largest possible pool of angels, increasing the odds of your finding one who will show interest in your venture.
org), a New York-based business investment and development alliance, examined national matching services like ACE-Net and concluded, "The computer matching concept has proven to be a limited resource in terms of actually linking entrepreneurs with sources of capital.
BUSINESS WIRE)--April 30, 1997-- Innovative Device Technologies (IDT), of Newport Beach, is the first company to seek funding through ACE-Net (https://ace-net.
Accelerate also is one of five active ACE-Net network operators nationwide.
Sponsored by the SBA's Office of Advocacy and supported by President Clinton, ACE-Net was developed to fill the funding gap between money raised from family, friends and founders (up to $250,000) and venture capital which averages about $6.
ACE-Net allows angel investors to view the securities' offering of small, growing companies.
Companies interested in having their securities offering information listed in the ACE-Net database must complete an application and pay a yearly $450 fee.