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ACEHAngiotensin-Converting Enzyme Homolog
ACEHAlliance for Cultural and Ethnic Harmony (Holland, MI)
ACEHAtlantic Coast Entertainment Holdings Inc. (stock symbol)
ACEHAcid Cholesteryl Ester Hydrolase
ACEHAlbany Coalition for Environmental Health (Albany, CA)
ACEHArizona Coalition to End Homelessness (Phoenix, AZ)
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The rampant violence in Aceh was very concerning, but we are determined to make the election conducted peacefully here," Aceh Governor Zaini Abdullah said in the province's capital Banda Aceh on Friday as quoted by a local media.
The ban has immediately stirred controversy across Aceh.
The governor of Aceh, Zaini Abdullah, said that Sharia law, under which the region is governed, would not impede tourism activities and said that the law would become a big draw for tourists.
The establishment of local political parties, including the Aceh Party, which is comprised of former GAM combatants, was one of the key stipulations in the Helsinki MoU.
Despite their lack of political experience, the former guerrilla fighters dominated the seats in the regional parliament and won control of the Aceh government.
The initiative follows a short-term vocational training program that enabled 350 students from Aceh and Nias to graduate from the Chevron Polytechnic in Riau province.
Yudhoyono had pledged during his election campaign to bring peace to Aceh, and there were secret efforts just prior to the tsunami to resolve the conflict.
An agreement between the Indonesian government and Free Aceh Movement (GAM in Indonesian) was signed in August in Helsinki, Finland, amid concerns that the pact might prove, like other past agreements, fragile and easily broken.
Nasir Djamil, a member of the Indonesian parliament, said he has complained to the government officials who are responsible for curbing proselytism in Aceh.
The main roads between Kutacane, the regency's capital, and the provincial capital Banda Aceh and the North Sumatra provincial capital of Medan were severed by the flash floods and landslides.
The Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) has also supported the Aceh peace process.
MONLAR is a non-governmental organization partner of the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund, the Anglican Church of Canada's relief and development agency, while Kontras Aceh is a partner of the Canadian ecumenical justice group, Kairos.