ACEOArt Cards, Editions and Originals
ACEOAssistant Chief Electoral Officer (various locations)
ACEOAssociation of Chief Education Officers (UK)
ACEOAdditional Chief Executive Officer (corporate title)
ACEOAssociation of Caribbean Electoral Organizations
ACEOAssistant Chief Education Officer (US NASA)
ACEOAssistant Chief Engineering Officer (Star Trek)
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The ACEO role has not changed significantly over these decades of research, despite increasing evidence of their value in documents such as The review of the Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer Program (Gower et al.
In trial 1, the effects of 11 ACEO (eugenol [99% purity], carvacrol [98% purity], citral [95% purity], limonene [96% purity], 1,4-cineole [85% purity], [gamma]-terpinene [97% purity], p-cymene [99% purity], linalool [97% purity], bornyl acetate [95% purity], [alpha]-pinene [98% purity], and [beta]-pinene [99% purity]), which were provided by Sigma-Aldrich Chemical (Sigma-Aldrich, St.
In these types of applications, silicones can display their favorable properties particularly well," said Bernd Pachaly, head of Wacker's silicones research and responsible for the ACEO team.
The ACEO also inspected work of Nullahs at Adra and Peoples Colony where dredging work with heavy machinery is underway.
The Chief Fininacial Officer, Ms Nargisa, Child protection officer M Zahida,CEO SRSO Mohammad Dital Kalhoro, Additional Deputy Commissioner Khairpur, Riaz Wassan, ACEO Khaleel Tetlay, UC Chairmain and other stockholders accompanied her during these visits.
He was vice president of sales and marketing at ACEO Technology and vice president of worldwide sales at Meta-Software prior to their respective acquisitions by Avant
George, formerly director of marketing and business development at ACEO Technology Inc.
ACEO has teamed with Cascade Design Automation to provide a complete language-to-layout flow using Asyn," said Alan Feinberg, ACEO vice president of sales and marketing.
FREIBURG, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 6, 1997--Concept Engineering GmbH, a leading supplier of schematic viewing and schematic generation technology, today announced that it has signed cooperative agreements with two rapidly emerging synthesis tool vendors, ACEO Technology and Ambit Design Systems.
Published Date: March 28, 1997 Company Name: ACEO Technology Inc.
For the past three years, ACEO has focused on delivering solid technology solutions to our customers on both PCs and workstations," said Dr.