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ACESAgricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
ACESAlabama Cooperative Extension System
ACESAccess Certificates for Electronic Services
ACESAmerican Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009
ACESAustralian Centre for Educational Studies
ACESArmy Continuing Education System (US Army)
ACESAssociation for Counselor Education and Supervision
ACESAmerican Copy Editors Society
ACESAssociation for Children for Enforcement of Support
ACESAsia Cellular Satellite
ACESAutomated Commerce Employment System
ACESAlabama Cooperative Extension Service
ACESAerolíneas Centrales de Colombia (Airline, Colombia)
ACESAll Children Exercising Simultaneously
ACESAmerican College of Eye Surgeons
ACESAtomic Clock Ensemble in Space
ACESApplied Computational Electromagnetic Society
ACESArmy Center of Excellence, Subsistence
ACESAltus Cumulus Electrification Study
ACESAutomated Client Eligibility System
ACESAutomated Civil Engineering System
ACESN-2-Acetamido-2-Aminoethanesulfonic Acid
ACESAutomated Civil Engineer System (USAF Civil Engineer squadrons)
ACESAdvanced Concept Ejection Seat
ACESAirspace Concept Evaluation System
ACESAcoustic Containerless Experiment System
ACESAda Compiler Evaluation System
ACESAutomated Coastal Engineering System
ACESAmerican Consortium on EU Studies (Washington, DC)
ACESAdvanced Computerized Execution System (NASD)
ACESArrow Continuation Experiments
ACESAutomated Continuing Evaluation System (Department of Defense)
ACESAlberta Clinical Engineering Society
ACESAutomated Computer Examination System
ACESAutomated Communications Engineering Software
ACESAutomated Concurrent Engineering Software
ACESAdaptation Controlled Environment System
ACESAdvanced Countermeasures Electronic System (defense product)
ACESAtlantic Congress of Engineering Students
ACESAutomated Cargo Expediting System
ACESAdministrative Corporate Education System
ACESAny Club Except Seattle (soccer fan group)
ACESAsian Commerce and Economics Studies Centre
ACESAirborne Collection Electronic Signals
ACESAnything Can Equal Success
ACESAnisotropic Crystalline Etching Simulation
ACESAccess Control/Entry System
ACESAdvanced Crew Escape System
ACESAutomated Command and Control Evaluation System
ACESAir Combat Engagement Simulator
ACESAssociated Computer Enthusiast Society (California)
ACESActivity Calendar and Event Scheduler (Georgia Civil Air Patrol)
ACESAdolescent Coping Education Series
ACESAfter Care Education for Students
ACESAir Cushion Enhanced Ship
ACESAutomatic Control Electronic Switching
ACESAgency Communication Exchange System (Ancor/AT&T)
ACESAircraft Carrier Engineering Services
ACESArmy Communication Encryption System
ACESAutomated Cost Evaluation System (DoD)
ACESAccess Control and Environmental System
ACESAdvanced Compact Earth Station (GTE Spacenet)
ACESAerial Combat Engagement Simulator
ACESAccuracy Evaluation System
ACESActive Capable Expandable Surveillance
ACESAircraft Carrier Engineering Study
ACESAnnual Cycle Energy Storage System
ACESAutomatic Computer Equipment Specialist
ACESArmy Consolidated Enterprise Solution
ACESAutomated C2 Evaluation System
ACESArmy Communications Engineering Software (US Army)
ACESArmy Casualty Estimation Study
ACESAccess Control Enrollment Station
ACESAutomatic Checkout & Evaluation System
ACESAdolescent Clinical Education Service
ACESAssociation of Chartered Estates Surveyors (UK)
ACESAdvanced Computer Engineering Services (various organizations)
ACESAssociation of Civil Engineering Students (Philippines)
ACESAlliance for Children's Early Success (est. 2004)
ACESArchitectures and Compilers for Embedded Systems (various organizations)
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And then Ace sank suddenly into thick mud to his belly, and Ajor and I were thrown far over his head.
Each was tall and straight and wonderfully muscled; yet they differed as Ace might differ from a perfect specimen of another species.
They cut saplings from the forest and laid a road into the swamp before they could get us all out, and then we marched back to the city of Jor the Galu chief, and there was great rejoicing when Ajor came home again mounted upon the glossy back of the stallion Ace.
Nobs stuck close to Bowen; but Ace and Ajor and I went out upon many long rides through the beautiful north Galu country.
Ace takes the Consul's riding whip from him and whacks him on his rear.
Schools that employ the service use ACE Software's ADM2000 Student Information System and Financial Systems software via the service's ASP Server.
The wildly popular film that propelled Jim Carrey to superstardom, Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, is like a scatter-gun, shooting irreverence around indiscriminately, hitting everything in and out of sight.
Historically ACE has been closely involved with Embedded C and takes special pride in the fact that its language extensions have now obtained broad acceptance and will become accessible to the full range of programmers of embedded processor architectures.
The ACE product's flexibility and power enable us to effectively schedule each school independently.