ACESAAssociation for Chinese Economic Studies Australia (Queensland, Australia)
ACESAAutopistas, Concesionaria Espanola, S. A. (Spain)
ACESAArizona Council of Engineering and Scientific Associations (Gilbert, AZ)
ACESAAssessment of Communicative Effectiveness in Severe Aphasia
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Threats of trade sanctions under ACESA have led many to argue that Canada should implement a policy equivalent to the US to avoid border carbon adjustments.
Implementing a policy similar to the ACESA in Canada would require the expanded coverage of the now defunct TTC policy to buildings, transportation, other manufacturing, and agriculture (not carbon sequestration).
This scenario explores what would happen if Canada implemented a policy comparable to the US ACESA or the APA with a view to harmonizing policy and avoiding border carbon measures.
The alternative policies are drawn from stylized versions of the leading recently proposed climate polices in Canada and the United States: a Canadian cap-and-trade system based on elements of the government of Canada's Regulatory Framework and a US cap-and-trade system based on ACESA and the APA (Table 1).
US aspirations, as communicated through the ACESA and the APA would establish an economy-wide cap-and-trade program with very generous international offset limits and other flexibility mechanisms such as banking and borrowing.
CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE LAW 20 (2009); ACESA Report, supra note 13, at 305; see also NRC CLIMATE REPORT, supra note 14, at 37 (noting that some "models predict sea level rise up to 1.
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111-137, at 315 (2009) [hereinafter ACESA REPORT], available at http://www.
See ACESA REPORT, supra note 13, at 315 (stating that "the total cost of four global warming impacts alone could cost the United States nearly $1.
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This company is a Spanish telecommunications consortium of leading international and local companies including the construction group ACS, Vivendi, Sonera, Mercapital, Alba, ACESA and several saving banks of Spain.