ACESAAssociation for Chinese Economic Studies Australia (Queensland, Australia)
ACESAAutopistas, Concesionaria Espanola, S. A. (Spain)
ACESAArizona Council of Engineering and Scientific Associations (Gilbert, AZ)
ACESAAssessment of Communicative Effectiveness in Severe Aphasia
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Similar policy parameters to ACESA were put forward in now-defunct companion legislation in the Senate, the American Power Act (APA) which was submitted by Senators Kerry and Lieberman on May 10, 2010).
However, absent similar international agreements with binding targets, the ACESA reductions would simply slow the rise of worldwide CO2 emissions.
70) As stated by EIA: "If new nuclear, renewable, and fossil plants with CCS are not developed and deployed in a timeframe consistent with emissions reduction requirements under ACESA, covered entities are expected to respond by increasing their use of offsets, if available, and by turning to increased natural gas use to offset reductions in coal generation.
See ACESA REPORT, supra note 13, at 315 (stating that "the total cost of four global warming impacts alone could cost the United States nearly $1.
Xfera, a consortium of international and local companies, including ACS, Vivendi, Sonera, Mercapital, Alba, ACESA and several saving banks of Spain, is one of the four mobile operators that have been awarded a UMTS license in Spain.
Ainda nao estavam acesas as luzes do cais, no Farol das estrelas nao brilhavam ainda as lampadas pobres que iluminavam os copos de cachaca, muitos saveiros ainda cortavam as aguas do mar quando o vento trouxe a noite de nuvens pretas.
Anthanassa acesas castianira (Godman y Salvin, 1880); Altinote stratonice marthae (Jordan, 1910); Manerebia nevadensis E.
mas nao num sentido feminista da palavra, pejorativo, mas "vamos tentar entender o tamanho, a grandeza que essas chamas juntas acesas tem".
A temperatura do bioterio foi mantida em aproximadamente 25[degrees]C, tendo sido estabelecido um ciclo de 12:12 horas de claro/escuro (luzes acesas a partir das 7:00 da manha).
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