ACFCIAssemblée des Chambres Francaises de Commerce d'Industrie
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President : Stephane CHAUDIRON, Professor in Information Sciences, University of Lille 3 Ludovic BOUR, Manager, Competitive Intelligence and Innovation, ACFCI
Numerous major domestic and European clients were conquered during the first semester of 2000: Hasbro, Millesima, ACFCI, Home Village, Mairie de Paris, Easyphone, Sicovam, Bred, BNP Paribas, Air France -- all of whom were added to the Group's portfolio during the second quarter, joining those clients that had been acquired during the first: Procter & Gamble, Thomson Multimedia, Sony, Michelin, Heinz (www.
Estimates "minimum" volumetrics were calculated based on the needs of first entities have expressed the desire to be user agreement Framework ACFCI shopping center.