ACFEAssociation of Certified Fraud Examiners
ACFEAdult, Community and Further Education (Department of Education, Victoria, Australia)
ACFEAmerican College of Forensic Examiners
ACFEA Curriculum for Excellence (UK)
ACFEAdapted Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (treaty)
ACFEAdvisory Centre for Education (UK)
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During the Fraud Week, the ACFE Oman will engage in various activities, including hosting fraud awareness training for the community and teaming with local media to highlight the problem of fraud.
About New York Metro Joint Cyber Security Conference: This is the first collaborative event cooperatively developed, organized, and sponsored by the following leading information security industry organizations and chapters: InfraGard (New York Metro), ISACA (New York Metro, New Jersey, and Greater Hartford CT), ISCU (New Jersey), ISSA (New York Metro) - OWASP (New York Metro, Brooklyn and Long Island), HTCIA (Northeast) and ACFE (New Jersey).
Further, the ACFE consistently finds that the median fraud losses for small businesses are the highest or close to the highest among all business sizes.
The ACFE is recognised as the world's largest Anti-Fraud organisation.
The CFE certification is awarded by the ACFE Board of Regents to professionals who have proved to possess specific knowledge in the areas of Financial Transactions and Fraud Schemes, Investigation Techniques, Legal Elements of Fraud and Fraud Prevention and Deterrence (Criminology & Ethics).
Consider this: The median loss caused by the frauds studied by the ACFE for its new report was $145,000, but almost a quarter of them involved losses of at least $1 million.
For instance, where losses were $1 million or more, "poor tone at the top" was cited as the primary factor in nearly a fifth of cases, according to the ACFE survey.
As the ACFE study observed, "More than 85 percent of fraudsters in our study had never been previously charged or convicted for a fraud-related offense.
In a nationwide study of fraud, the ACFE found the median length to be two years.
Robert has been a member and regular attender of the Maryland Chapter of ACFE since the 1990s.
6) In 2002, the ACFE established an educational support program at the grassroots level that provided free pedagogical materials to help enable instructors at colleges and universities develop forensic accounting courses and programs.