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New for ACG 2015, the College offers a series of pre-recorded video press briefings which feature the insights of leading gastroenterology experts and the authors of several key abstracts that will be unveiled in Honolulu relating toFMT, constipation, obesity and metabolic syndrome.
We are pleased to support ACG Materials in its acquisition of Art Wilson Co.
Also headquartered in the capital, ACG Europe offers end-to-end pharma processing, manufacturing and packaging solutions to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies in the UK and Europe.
It is one of the best funded as well as among the fastest growing ACG chapters worldwide.
Successive phases include West Azeri, which started production in 2006, and East Azeri, scheduled to come on stream in 2007 as Azeri Project Phase 2, with ACG Phase 3 - Deepwater Gunashli, already sanctioned and expected to begin production in 2008.
Since Pacific Life's initial investment in ACG in 1996, ACG has become a core business unit of Pacific Life, with ACG's equity position now exceeding $1.
The 5th Annual ACG New York Champion's Awards winners represent the best-of-the-best M&A successes over the past year in the New York area," said Martin Okner, Chairman of ACG New York.
Axel Friedmann, Advisor, ACG Pam Pharma Technologies Pvt.
The closing of these facilities demonstrates the ability of ACG to access additional points of capital in a challenging market.
Each of this year's finalists has demonstrated a clear leadership position within the New York dealmaking community and is worthy of this recognition," said Bobby Blumenfeld, Executive Director of ACG New York.
Members of the UConn team were presented with the prestigious ACG Connecticut Cup title and a cash award at this morning's ACG Connecticut April Breakfast Meeting, a monthly event that draws over 150 dealmakers and corporate professionals from the region.
ACG New York thrives on celebrating and recognizing individuals who support the success and help drive the growth of middle market companies in the region," said Martin Okner, Chairman of ACG New York.