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ACHAutomated Clearing House
ACHArkansas Children's Hospital (Little Rock, AR)
ACHAir Changes per Hour (ventilation)
ACHAssociation for Computers and the Humanities
ACHAdult Care Home
ACHAll Children's Hospital (St. Petersburg, FL)
ACHAdvanced Combat Helmet
ACHAcute Care Hospital (various locations)
ACHAccess Channel
ACHArmy Community Hospital
ACHAircraft Hangar (USAF bare base deployable aircraft shelter)
ACHAngeles Crest Highway (California SR2)
ACHArmada de Chile (Spanish: Chilean Navy)
ACHAdrenal Cortical Hormone
ACHAmerican College of Heraldry
ACHAutomated Charge
ACHAttempts per Circuit per Hour
ACHAssociation Coopération Humanitaire (French: Humanitarian Cooperation Association; est. 1992)
ACHAgent Charge (freight forwarding)
ACHAmerican Clearinghouse
ACHAbove Counter Height (construction blueprints)
ACHAssault Craft Helmet (Gentex)
ACHAntenna Selection Reference Signal Channel
ACHAdler-Coppersmith-Hasner (algorithm)
ACHACCS Common Hardware
ACHAverage Call Handle (time; call center metric)
ACHAlpha-Cellulose Hydrolysis
ACHAuckland City Hospital (New Zealand)
ACHAnything Can Happen (various meanings)
ACHAcademic Credit Hours
ACHAssociation of Children's Hospices (UK)
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As ACH payments continue to increase, businesses need the right tools to prevent fraud while still processing ACH debits quickly and easily.
For more information or to make a reservation to attend the ACH 100[sup.
The Same-Day ACH Rule was approved in May 2015, and will require all receiving depository financial institutions to receive same day transactions and provide faster funds availability to customers.
The company's proprietary analytics, Dynamic Account Modeling, are used by FraudMAP ACH to monitor originator and recipient behaviour for anomalies relative to typical behaviour.
Four core messages will be supported when referring to the ACH Network and ACH payments:
Built in partnership with Accuity (formerly TFP, Thomson Financial Publishing), EPN's OFAC solution screens cross-border corporate and retail ACH payments against a centralized OFAC list and identifies suspect transactions.
While the ACH is just now being issued to many soldiers in Operation Enduring Freedom, Spc.
While fraud prevention was the key driver in developing ACH Control, the service has other time-saving attributes, LaSalle says.
If the latter effect represents interference with high-affinity choline transport and the resultant deficiency in ACh, then the introduction of ACh or choline should prevent the inhibition.
ACH data is an extremely rich source of transaction data.
Be sure to enroll for ACH Debits, unless the arrangements for ACH Credits have definitely been set up.
The third option is the ACH debit method, under which a subcontractor of the State's authorized bank collects the payment transactions called in by taxpayers, consolidates and reformats payment data for the bank, and provides payment and remittance data to the Department of Revenue.