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ACHANAsian Community Health Action Network
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But, sir, though it were more so than is even possible to you, yet there may be some among you that are not equally right in their actions: and you know that in the story of the children of Israel, one Achan in the camp removed God's blessing from them, and turned His hand so against them, that six-and-thirty of them, though not concerned in the crime, were the objects of divine vengeance, and bore the weight of that punishment.
7) To this well-known evidence should be added the Biblical case of Achan, who pillaged and concealed booty acquired in the conquest of Jericho, for which "All Israel stoned him with stones .
This midrash similarly opposes Achan to Joshua (Josh 7:1, 19).
These longhouses are located in the Sungai Kapit area, which includes Rumah Bundung, Rumah Ebung, Rumah Madang (formerly Rumah Jelani), Rumah Chambuk (comprised of some families who are migrants from the ulu), and Rumah Nuang (also comprised of some families who are migrants from the ulu)], and in the Sungai Amang/Selirik/Lepong Baleh areas [Rumah Achan, Rumah Engking, Rumah Ganya, and Rumah Gawan in Lepung Baleh (formerly Rumah Tuan)].
After the conquest of Jericho a person named Achan took some items from the spoils, which was forbidden.
There is a model called ACHANISM MODEL, the man achan in the scripture was avaricious (Joshua 7) and ran his race down.
Joshua 7:11) Joshua executed Achan and his whole family by stoning.
He weaves Old and New Testament contexts together in the Book of Acts as he applies the scriptures to the 21st century, comparing for example, Ananias and Sapphira with Achan.
Achan V, Broadhead M, Malaki M, Whitley G, Leiper J, MacAllister R, Vallance P.
Executive committee members Rosaline Roy, Ramesh Sambasivan, Ashique Mohammed, Sudhirkumar C Achan, E A Salim, Chandrakant K Shetty, staff representative David Mathew, sports sub-committee convenor Mony Odickandathil and World Malayalee Council chairman Soman Baby were also present.
Independent researcher and activist Achan Mungleng echoes Chandra's sentiments.
Jane Achan and colleagues, from Makerere University, Uganda, looked at comparing the effectiveness of oral quinine with that of artemether-lumefantrine in treating uncomplicated malaria in children.