ACHAPAfrican Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Partnerships (Gaborone, Botswana)
ACHAPAsociacion Chilena de Agencias de Publicidad
ACHAPAssociation des Centres Hospitaliers et d'Accueil Privés du Québec
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2 Key health sector partners include the USG/PEPFAR, ACHAP, the Global Fund, and the European Commission, as indicated in the Table below
ACHAP spent US$13 million in 2006 and US$26 million in 2007, according to program managers.
ACHAP and BOTUSA), M&E personnel have either been placed at the sectoral and district levels or plans are underway to have them placed at these levels.
The organization has managed several donor funded projects, including Global Fund and ACHAP.
It has experience as grants manager under several donor funded projects that included Global Fund, Forum Swede and ACHAP, among others.