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ACIAAsynchronous Communications Interface Adapter
ACIAAmerican Construction Inspectors Association
ACIAAfrica Centre for Investment Analysis
ACIAAssociacio Catalana d'Intelligencia Artificial
ACIAAutomated Calibration Internal Analysis system
ACIAAssociation des Cadres Infirmiers d'Aquitaine
ACIAArctic Climate Impact Association
ACIAAssociate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
ACIAAviation Career Incentive Act of 1974
ACIAAssociation des Cadres Infirmiers Angevins
ACIAAssociation of Crime and Intelligence Analysts (UK)
ACIAArgus Center for Information Architecture (Argus Associates)
ACIAArctic Climate Impact Assessment
ACIAAgence Canadienne d'Inspection des Aliments (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
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For instance, according to the ACIA, between 1954 and 2003, the mean annual surface air temperature rose by two to three degrees Celsius in Alaska and Siberia, thus almost doubling the rate of warming felt by the Arctic as a whole.
Concentrations and ACIA score data were log transformed if not normally distributed.
Jim Corbett, of Bellingham, an ACIA member, said: "Due to the boggy nature of the site the RAF failed to recover the aircraft so it is known substantial remains still exist.
Isozymic: studies on the origin of cultivated foxtail millet, ACIA Agronomica Sinica 14(2): 131-6.
OBAPO and ACIA seek legal titles for land traditionally shared among community members and apportioned by elders through oral tradition.
Peters, ACIA, Overbeek, GC, Buckmann, AJP, Padget, JC, Annable, T, "Bimodal Dispersions in Coating Applications.
According to the ACIA, observational data from the scientific record--supported by indigenous observations--indicate that some areas such as Alaska, western Canada, and Eurasia are warming more than others (e.
Jim Corbett, 27, of Bellingham, Northumberland, an ACIA member, said: "We did not get on as well as I would have hoped.
ACIA, Satguru, R, "Film Formation of Latex Blends with Bimodal Particle Size Distributions: Consideration of Particle Deformability and Continuity of the Dispersed Phase.
Arctic indigenous peoples have also participated in the international assessment of climate change impacts through their involvement in the ACIA with academic and government researchers (ACIA 2004).
a wholly owned subsidiary of ACIA, with the surviving entity named ACG Fremont InsuraCorp, Inc.