ACICArkansas Crime Information Center
ACICAeronautical Chart and Information Center (military aviation support organization)
ACICAssociation of California Insurance Companies (Sacramento, CA)
ACICAmerican Contractors Indemnity Company (surety; California)
ACICAssociation Congolaise des Ingénieurs Civils (French: Congolaise Association of Civil Engineers)
ACICArmy Counterintelligence Center
ACICAnglican Coalition in Canada
ACICAgricultural Conservation Innovation Center
ACICArizona Crime Information Center
ACICAcademic and Career Information Center
ACICAnglican Church International Communion
ACICAeronautical Chart & Information Center
ACICAll Canadian Investment Corporation
ACICAutomated Combat Information System
ACICAerospace Defense Command Current Intelligence Center
ACICAmerican Collegiate Intramural Championships (Campus Concepts)
ACICAutomated Combat Intelligence Center
ACICArmoured Control & Instrument Cable
ACICAutomatic Combat Intelligence Center
ACICAutomatic Computation for Information and Control (Mons, Belgium)
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10) To prove this, Kuiper invited ACIC cartographers to the 40-inch [100cm] Yerkes refractor to draw the lunar surface.
Seese testified that ACIC insured Owensby's home beginning in December 1991.
Pearson correlation coefficients were used to study the relationships (1) between the two implementation intensity measures and (2) between the implementation measures and the ACIC scores.
Analyst's Notebook charts are in increasingly being used in the ACIC Terrorism Summary (ATS) to help readers understand linkages in the information provided.
AGC worked with ACIC and other associations to repeal the law -- with the exception of highway contractors.
The Arkansas Crime Information Center (ACIC) and the Information Network of Arkansas (INA) have launched a mobile application providing access to the ACIC Sex Offender Registry Search.
ACIC Victorian State Manager, Jason Halls, said these arrests show that methyl amphetamine is an attractive market for organised crime groups in Australia.
Armand Feliciano, ACIC vice president, adds in a statement, "PCs, smartphones and tablets are changing how people manage their finances.
Semproni, ACIC (UBC), and the 2008 awardees are Jeffrey Ovens (SFU) and Hyukin Kwan (UBC).
This is a pro-consumer measure that will go a long way in helping fire victims resolve disputes with their insurers over claims for last year's losses," said Jeff Fuller, ACIC executive vice president and general counsel.
While the ACIC has always played a role in missions traditionally associated with Homeland Security (HLS) and Homeland Defense (HLD), the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001 resulted in a refocusing of priorities and will result in long-term changes in how the ACIC does business.
The ACIC is based on six areas of system change suggested by the Chronic Care Model (CCM) that have been shown to influence quality of care--linkages to community resources, self-management support, decision support, delivery system design, clinical information systems, and organization of the health system-and promising interventions within these areas associated with better outcomes (Wagner et al.