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ACIDAtomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability (database transaction properties)
ACIDAnalysis Console for Intrusion Databases
ACIDAircraft Identification (aviation)
ACIDANSI Creators In Demand
ACIDArielle Chester Industrial Design (cigar brand)
ACIDAllocated Configuration Identification
ACIDAccessor Identification
ACIDAcidification Chemistry Information Database
ACIDAT&T Communications ISDN
ACIDAutomatic Classification and Interpretation of Data
ACIDAdaptive COMSEC Interface Device
ACIDAdvanced Combat Infantry Division (gaming)
ACIDApplication Context Identifier
ACIDAdvanced Corporate Information Directory (Cidera multi-platform web enabled file sharing tool)
ACIDAll-Service Combat Identification Demonstration
ACIDANSI Coders In Demand
ACIDAtomicità, Consistenza, Isolamento, Durata
ACIDActive Change Initiating Document
ACIDAlcatel Craft Interface Device
ACIDAdvanced Computing Information Database
ACIDAggressive Criminal Interdiction Detail
ACIDAccelerated Change In Design
ACIDAdvanced Caller Identification
ACIDARQ (Automatic Repeat Request) Channel Identification (wireless communication)
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Several experimental results showed that the oil content and oil fatty acid composition of sunflower are equally determined by genotype, weather conditions of year and agrotechnical factors (Baydar and Erbas, 2005; Joksinovic et al.
The synthesis of H acid involves a series of reaction among them sulfonation is an important step, and the dyes with a sulfonic acid group has wide applications and is used as a most important industrial product.
At pH 5 to 7, only sodium erythorbate and sodium acid sulfate, citric acid and sodium erythorbate were effective browning inhibitors.
A large portion of these acids is already present in certain concentrations of the green coffee, including, for example, citric acid, pyruvic acid and malic acid.
In this paper, we selected 2 organic acids (citrate, oxalate) and 1 amino acid (histidine) as delegates, to investigate the influence of organic acid or amino acid on desorption behaviours of Cd and Pb in artificially contaminated soil.
Moreover, studies suggest that folic acid can safeguard neurological health in older people.
Several teachers phoned the Daily News after seeing maintenance workers toss the materials -- including at least three one-liter bottles of hydrochloric acid -- into the trash bin at 11:30 a.
2 milligrams of domoic acid per kilogram body weight at the end of the second trimester.
The water and volatile weak acid in the solution were evaporated into the dry, heated air in the column and expelled from the precipitator into a hood.
Explain to your real estate agent which you prefer and why: a cave etched out by carbonic acid or sulfuric acid.
Introduction; Amino acid nomenclature; Stereochemistry and optical polarization of amino acids; Amino acids as amphoteric electrolytes; Reactions of amino acids; Amino acid metabolism; Amino acids and nutrition; Amino acids and peptides; Amino acids and proteins; Taste of amino acids: Production of amino acids; Analysis of amino acids; Safety of amino acids; Use of amino acids; Chemical substance numbers for amino acids; Description of individual amino acid; References.