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ACIEAmerican Councils for International Education (est. 1974)
ACIEAmerican Council on Immersion Education (Minnesota)
ACIEAssociation of Charity Independent Examiners
ACIEAlberta Centre for International Education (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
ACIEAlbuquerque Cabinets Institutional Equipment (Albuquerque, NM)
ACIEAdvice Center for International Education (Netherlands)
ACIEAssociation of the Cement Industries Employers (Iran)
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Prior to joining Acies, Moeller served as Director of Bank Integration, Chase Merchant Services (CMS) at First Data Corporation, where he was responsible for defining sales and marketing strategies for CMS' Small Business Division, and for creating and managing the relationship between CMS and all other business units within JPMorgan Chase Bank.
Moving forward, Acies is executing a series of exciting new marketing initiatives to promote greater sales growth while also paying very close attention to maintaining strict expense discipline.
As one of the industry's foremost advocates and marketers of contactless payment processing solutions, Acies is taking an aggressive stance in helping to educate retailers and the Company's national network of independent sales organizations (ISOs) on the purchasing convenience of contactless transactions.
Unus Postumius ictus saxo, perfracto capite acie excessit; non dictatorem umerus volneratus, non Fabium prope adfixum equo femur, non brachium abscisum consulem ex tam ancipiti proelio submovit.
Risk factors other than the above-mentioned perinatal exposure to an HBsAg-positive mother, according to the ACIE are blood exposures or transfusions that are not screened for HBsAg, exposure to unsterilized medical or dental equipment, or continuous close contact with HbsAg-positive household members with open skin lesions, such as impetigo, scabies, or scratched insect bites.
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Lucius Thorius Balbus Lanuuinus] et cupidus uoluptatum et eius generis intellegens et copiosus, ita non superstitiosus, ut illa plurima in sua patria sacrificia et fana contemneret, ita non timidus ad mortem, ut in acie sit ob rem publicam interfectus; a tal proposito, vd.
The Celtics have drafted 19th twice over the years, selecting guard Dee Brown in 1990 and center Acie Earl in 1993.
Human rabies prevention-- United States, 2008: Recommendations of the ACIE MMWR Morbid Mortal Why Rep.
6) "Secundum genus est anachoritarum, id est heremitarum, horum qui non conversationis fervore novitio, sed monasterii probatione diuturna, qui didicerunt contra diabolum multorum solacio iam docti pugnare, et bene extructi fraterna ex acie ad singularem pugnam heremi, securi iam sine consolatione alterius, sola manu vel brachio, contra vitia carnis vel cogitationum, Deo auxiliante, pugnare sufficiunt".
8) Generally, it is felt that leakage adversely affects breeders' ability to generate economic reward for their efforts: see, eg, Submission to the Australian Advisory Council on Intellectual Property ('ACIP'), Review of Enforcement of Plant Breeder's Rights, 8 May 2007 (Australian Seed Federation); Submission to ACIE Review of Enforcement of Plant Breeder's Rights, 4 April 2007 (Crop and Food Research Australia Pty Ltd).