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US-based medical device company Precision Spine, Inc recently received 510(k) clearance of its ShurFit ACIF 2C Anterior Cervical Interbody System, the company said.
In summary, this review supports the existing view that ACIF, BIP, IBIP, and PBM share a common link: bronchiolocentricity.
This closely approximates ACIF (hematoxylineosin, original magnification X40).
Terminology Yousem and Dacic, (7) 2002 10 IBIP de Carvalho et al, (8) 2002 12 CLF Churg et al, (9) 2004 12 ACIF Fukuoka et al, (10) 2005 15 PBM Mark et al, (11) 2008 31 BIP Abbreviations: ACIF, airway-centered interstitial fibrosis; BIP, bronchi-olitis interstitial pneumonia; CLF, centrilobular fibrosis; IBIP, idiopathic bronchiolocentric interstitial pneumonia; PBM, peribronchiolar meta-plasia.
Conclusion: The ACIF showed improvement over time in the acute phase after trauma.
The physical therapists who performed scoring had received instruction in the administration and scoring of the ACIF and demonstrated proficiency using case studies.
The ACIF is a standardized measurement tool that assesses functional status, (11) which was developed to measure basic mental functions and mobility activities commonly addressed in the acute care setting (Figure 1).
The ACIF was developed by physical therapists in the acute neuromedicine/surgical unit of a hospital because no suitable instrument existed that could measure basic mobility for the patients in this setting which could also be used to assist in discharge placement decisions.
The ACIF uses 20 items divided into 4 subscales: mental status, bed mobility, transfers, and mobility (Table 1).
9) The cost of administration of the tool is negligible as the items on the ACIF are often completed by a physical therapist as part of an initial examination.
The report analyses the 26 components of ACIF's Consumer VoIP Fact Sheet, and finds that most Consumer VoIP Service Providers' terms and conditions documents provide only part of the information suggested by ACIF.
Future releases including an ACIF allograft and additional base bone options (including structural and void filling applications) are planned for release within the upcoming months.