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ACIIAssassin's Creed 2 (video game)
ACIIAffective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (conference)
ACIIAssociate of the Chartered Insurance Institute
ACIIAllergy and Clinical Immunology International
ACIIAdvanced Computer Innovations, Inc. (Pittsford, NY)
ACIIAdjuvant-Carrageenan-Induced Inflammation
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Brotherhood is far from a stopgap between ACII and ACIII - it's a whole new experience with its own identity and some really great gaming moments.
The ACII certification is considered as the key qualification for today's insurance managers and technical specialists that provides enhanced understanding of technical subject matter as well as overall management skills," he added.
Holders of ACII designation will also be eligible for chartered status by the Chartered Institute of Insurance, with three titles available reflecting their career specialism.
And underwriter Praj Basu, 31, of Hartlepool, has just completed two papers of the ACII qualification.
As senior vice president, Near North Energy, Michael Newman, ACII is
ACII enables lower cost, higher quality clean manufacturing by using environmentally-friendly, patented technologies, trade secrets and other intellectual property.
Products currently marketed by TSTG, including Base ACK Remote ACII, Loan Remote, and Loan Bridge, will be added to the CFI family of products, and CFI will offer customers full maintenance and support.
Under the terms of the joint venture, ACII will be the contract manufacturer for Quantum, and Quantum will provide sales and marketing services to ACII.