ACIRLAustralian Coal Industry Research Laboratories (Queensland, Australia)
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Following on from this input of resources and directions, the following are samples of the products that have been developed recently by ACIRL Ltd.
Coal Processing ACIRL is currently undertaking several speculative projects.
ACIRL has developed several products with Voest Alpine including CBT for the ABM 20 continuous miner and hydraulic circuit simulations of the ABM 20 continuous miner.
Via a AIDAB grant, ACIRL developed several database products for use by EGAT, the Thai brown coal producer and electricity utility.
Recently ACIRL has been contracted to evaluate so called 'high productivity buckets' against conventional dragline buckets on testing rigs at the University of Queensland Experimental Mine (UQEM).
1394), 'Further Evaluation of Dragline Hopper Concepts, ACIRL was contracted to undertake investigations of innovative bucket and rigging designs to facilitate dumping inside the boom point radius.
ACIRL has also attracted widespread industry support for the evaluation of dragline training to assist improving productivity, particularly as open pits go deeper, and to enable broadly accepted dragline operator accreditation.