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ACISAdvanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer
ACISAccess Control Interlock System
ACISAcoustic Controlled Induction System
ACISAcademic Information Services
ACISAutomotive Competitiveness and Investment Scheme (Australia)
ACISAccounting/Computer Information Systems (various schools)
ACISAmerican Conference for Irish Studies
ACISAcademic Information Systems (IBM)
ACISAll Children in School (UN)
ACISApplied Climate Information System (US NOAA)
ACISAmerican Committee for Interoperable Systems
ACISAutomated Customs Information Service (Canada)
ACISAXAF CCD Imaging Spectrometer (now Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer)
ACISAircrew Integrated Systems
ACISAdvanced Control Indicator Set
ACISAcoustic Controlled Induction System (Toyota)
ACISAdvanced Cargo Information System
ACISAmerican Council for International Studies
ACISAdvanced Cellular Internet Service
ACISArms Control Intelligence Staff
ACISAmeritech Customer Information System
ACISAutomated Chemical Inventory System
ACISAssociate of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries
ACISAutomated Combat Information System
ACISArmy Command Information System
ACISAmphibious Command Information System
ACISArms Control Impact Statement
ACISArmament Control Indicator Set (AN/ASQ-165)
ACISAvionics/Crew Interface Simulator
ACISAirborne Combat Information System
ACISAssociation for Computing & Information Sciences
ACISActual Cubic Inches per Second
ACISAutomatic Customer/Caller Identification System (Sprint)
ACISAll Source Intelligence System
ACISAlan Grayer, Charles Lang, Ian Braid, Dick Sower (Solid Modeling CAD library)
ACISAvionics, Control & Information System
ACISAutomated Criminal Infractions System (North Carolina crime database)
ACISAirfone Customer Information System (billing system for Airfone)
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AFRM is the first CRT product to secure private capital from investors committed to provide coverage on loans funded over the next two years and represents an important milestone in the expansion of the ACIS program," said Gina Subramonian Healy, vice president of credit risk transfer.
ACIS Consulting has over 15 years of experience innovating with search and delivering customized search-based applications for large enterprises, including Canada Post, the Ontario Government, and the New York Times.
In mezzo-soprano Debi Wong and Director/Producer Alan Corbishleys' re-working of the tale, Galatea (soprano Rachel Fenlon) fears her husband, Polyphemus, as she is in love with Acis (Wong), a woman in this adaptation.
The potential of this version of ACIS was never fully realized, as the mid- and low-level interfaces that were intended to allow users to develop customized decision tools and climate products based on the ACIS database and suite of analysis tools proved to be too cumbersome and inefficient to all but the most sophisticated users.
ACIS featuring an open, object-oriented C++ architecture that enables robust, 3-D modeling capabilities for applications with simple to complex modeling needs.
We believe we are the first image analysis company to receive this clearance and it marks a milestone in the acceptance of the ACIS.
ACIS tissue microarray software presents samples on a slide as a histological reconstruction.
As a leader in the advanced FEA market, HKS is among a growing number of industry leaders implementing ACIS 3D modeling technology in state-of-the-art applications.
The study demonstrated the ability of the ACIS to enhance diagnostic accuracy and consistency for slide-based tests using the IHC staining method.
The latest release of the ACIS kernel, from Spatial Technology in Boulder, Colo.
Acis was a handsome shepherd of Sicily and the lover of the Nereid Galatea.
Whether they are tactical enhancements to 3D InterOp, like importing hidden entities from Creo, or following strategic goals like multi-threading the faceting algorithms in 3D ACIS Modeler, we continually seek to build the best product roadmap around our customers' goals.