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ACKArbeitsgemeinschaft Christlicher Kirchen (German: Council of Christian Churches)
ACKAcknowledgement Packet
ACKAcknowledge Character
ACKAnglican Church of Kenya
ACKAmsterdam Compiler Kit
ACKNantucket, MA, USA (Airport Code)
ACKAssistant Cook (US DoD)
ACKAmerica's Career Kit (US Department of Labor)
ACKAircraftkiller (gaming)
ACKAcknowledged Signal (mobile radio communication system)
ACKAnti-Capitalist Kananaskis (counter G8 movement)
ACKAmar Chitra Katha (Indian entertainment company)
ACKAccounting Control Key
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In ACK mode destination send acknowledgement to source via routers.
ACK Solutions Managing Director Ahmed Al Akber said that 1,000 respondents would be contacted at EWA's three customer service centres.
September 2008: ACK Media launched a website for its proprietary characters and brands called AmarChitraKatha.
Al Kalali also spoke of a series of internal and external surveys that have already been carried out at the Ministry of Works, with the help of ACK Solutions, that were helping the Ministry become a more customer focused organization at the cutting edge of both strategic implementation and process improvement in the region.
He said that the ACK reacted with the objectives of this event, which sheds
While creating an ACK, the primary concern is authenticity," said Reena Puri, Editor, ACK.
Savita Pai, Executive Producer of ACK animated series says, "We approached Tata Interactive because of their ability to deliver large projects and their proven animation capabilities.
If three duplicate ACKs are received before the timeout (because each ensuing packet causes an identical ACK containing the sequence number of the last packet arriving in order), the TCP stack executes a fast re-transmit of the last sequence of packets, assuming that the congestion was only momentary, since only one packet was lost and the following ones got through.
ACK Kayak Launch Points is an excellent tool for paddlers either new to an area or interested in exploring new watery destinations.
We're considering two options: ACK and ACC could become one organisation and we'd change the name or we could restart ACK.
ACKs are also generated for received TLPs to emulate the Data Link Layer and preserve the link.