ACLRAtlantic Coast Line Railroad (1900-1967)
ACLRAsynchronous Clear
ACLRAdjacent Channel Leakage Power Ratio
ACLRAnterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
ACLRAmerican Criminal Law Review (Georgetown University Law Center publication)
ACLRArmored Core Last Raven (video game)
ACLRAmateur Cross Link Repeater
ACLRAthlétic Club La Roche
ACLRAccess Control, Logging, and Reporting
ACLRAutomated Circuit Layout Record
ACLRAmerican Center for Legislative Reform
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Early detection of knee OA after ACLR may permit early intervention such as load management, which is likely to be more effective prior to the development of advanced disease," they wrote.
We hypothesized that patients greater than 50 years of age undergoing ACLR would have comparable outcomes to the younger patient population.
85) See, eg, Torzillu Pty Ltd v Brynac Pty Ltd (1983) 8 ACLR 52, 60 (Helsham CJ in Eq).
These tests are also used commonly in field or clinical settings to assess the progress made in a training program or to determine the level of recovery after lower extremity injury or surgery, especially after ACLR.
Hz; and signal quality metrics such as SNR, SFDR, IMD, and ACLR
This headroom can either be used to drive the amplifier harder or to improve the out-of-channel performance as measured by ACLR or SEM, or by some combination of the two.
After obtaining institutional review board approval (New Zealand Northern Y Regional Ethics Committee), all patients scheduled for elective hamstring graft ACLR and TKJR by a single surgeon (TD-C) in the principal investigator's practice from March through December 2008 were included.
The AP-series devices are designed to optimize the back-off linearity characteristics by setting the bias point to give a fast decrease of ACLR without backing-off too much in output power.
Operating with the on-chip PLL (phase-locked loop) at a D/A converter output frequency of 200 MHz, the AD9142 delivers a 79-dB ACLR (adjacent-channel leakage ratio) for six-carrier GSM applications.
The bone patellar tendon bone is the most commonly used graft in ACLR.