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ACLUAmerican Civil Liberties Union
ACLUAnti-Christian Litigation Unit
ACLUAmerican College of Life Underwriters (now American College; insurance)
ACLUAfghan Construction & Logistics Unit
ACLUAdult and Community Learning Unit (UK)
ACLUAdventurous Cowboys Living Underwater (Prairie Home Companion)
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As late as 1956, the ACLU recommended that federal funds should be withheld from "all schools and colleges which refuse, on racial grounds, to admit otherwise qualified students.
The ACLU filed its first FOIA request in 2008 to acquire the usage records of the CelleBrite device.
However, the court ruling notes that none of the six plaintiffs in the ACLU suit was suspected of committing any other crime.
In essence, attorneys for the Pentagon came to a "partial agreement" with the ACLU over a 1999 lawsuit: the Defense Department agreed not to do what it has not been doing in the first place--that is, acting as an official sponsor of this nonfederal group.
All of the arrests that I know of are in connection with Bush and Cheney events," says Chris Hansen, a staff attorney with the ACLU, though he acknowledges that the Kerry campaign has excluded critics from some events.
The comments made during its discussion made it clear that the intent was to keep children out of the homes of gay men and lesbians," says Stephen Clark, legal director for the ACLU of Utah, who expects to file a challenge to the policy along with the National Center for Lesbian Rights.
When talking about public safety, ACLU officials can sound like nothing so much as Chicago School eocnomists drearily insisting that padded dashboards and pollution controls might save lives but can't be tolerated because they threaten free enterprise.
In July, ACLU staff attended a BellSouth shareholders meeting to raise questions about the implications for the merger of AT&T's apparent cooperation with illegal spying.
The petition filed by Foley Hoag and the ACLU contends that due process requires that people whose rights have been violated by the Dookhan scandal have a fair chance to overturn wrongful convictions and withdraw unjust plea bargains that, in most cases, put felony criminal convictions on their records.
org/blog/prisoners-rights/aaron-hernandez-now-locked-alone-inside-room-size-parking-spot) The ACLU also expressed concern at the potential long-term effects of solitary confinement, noting that it is sometimes considered to be a form of torture.
Madnick was hired to run the local ACLU group in a part-time post in 1981, after he retired as a public school teacher.
The ACLU and other groups have sued, or threatened to sue, cities, counties, states, school districts and other entities to force them to remove crosses, Ten Commandment plaques and other religious symbols on public property.