ACMDAdvisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (UK)
ACMDAsian Conference on Multibody Dynamics (interconnected bodies)
ACMDAfrican Cassava Mosaic Disease
ACMDActivated Chemical Manganese Dioxide (batteries)
ACMDAssistant Chief Medical Director
ACMDAmerican College Media Directory
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The report was written for the Inter-Ministerial Group on Drugs, which asked the ACMD s Recovery Committee to examine how opioid substitution therapy could be improved to get better results for those suffering heroin addiction.
But Somali groups in Britain warned that khat posed a "significant social problem", and the ACMD itself was reportedly divided by the council's decision.
The ACMD has also warned that there is an increasing need to educate the public over "potentially lethal" inhalation of gases such as helium and nitrous oxide.
In September 2011 the ACMD recommended desoxypipradrol be controlled as a Class B drug.
The ACMD wants existing legislation to be used "more effectively" to prevent the drugs being labelled that way and wants retailers to have a "burden of proof" placed on them that the product is not for human consumption and is safe for its intended use.
Fatima Al Mesafri, head of ACMD Ramadan events' organising committee, said winners will be honoured in a special ceremony in the second week of the holy month of Ramadan.
Blackman (2004: 183), described Hellawell's resignation as a 'piece of theatre', stressing that by claiming not to know where the policy of reclassification stemmed from, the drug tsar 'made a fool out of himself' as 'government drug advice comes from numerous official sources; the Police Federation, the House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology, the ACMD, medical experts, DrugScope and lawyers' (Blackman 2004: 183).
On the advice of the ACMD, the Government are to ban a raft of other highs as well as meph.
The Home Office has not requested ACMD to review the classification of Ecstasy (MDMA).
The ACMD should have subsidiaries in all the provinces and should replace the existing provincial agriculture marketing departments, which have miserably failed to stem the rot, leave alone improving it, It must play a proactive role by conducting commodity-specific surveys, based on acreage, production and market intelligence, grading commodities for domestic consumption and export purposes, arranging finance for, and set timing of, procurement of all commodities and ensuring judicious return on farmers' investment by recommending appropriate support price.
ACMD chairman Professor Les Iversen said of the rise in older people taking the drug: "The phenomenon is there.
This week, ACMD chair Professor Les Iversen told a meeting that the public body was "ahead of the game" with regards to Annihilation and had determined that it was made from a synthetic form of cannabis.