ACMRAtlanta Center for Medical Research (Atlanta, GA)
ACMRAir Combat Maneuvering Range
ACMRArmy Court of Military Review (US Army)
ACMRAverage Cache Miss Ratio (effectiveness measurement)
ACMRAnnual Church Ministries Report (Potomac District Council; Gainesville, VA)
ACMRA.C. Moore Arts and Crafts, Inc. (stock symbol)
ACMRAmerican Christian Music Review
ACMRAirspace Control Measure Request
ACMRAnnual Cost Monitoring Report
ACMRAdvanced Computer for Medical Research
ACMRAlamo City Motorcycle Riders (San Antonio, TX)
ACMRAircraft Configuration Management Review (USAF)
ACMRAsociatia Comunitatea Motociclistilor Din Romania (Romanian: Community Association of Motorcyclists in Romania)
ACMRAsymmetrical Compact Microstrip Resonator
ACMRAssistant Fire Cache Manager (job title)
ACMRAteliers de Constructions Mécanique de Rilleux (French: Rilleux Metal Construction Workshop; France)
ACMRArizona Coalition for Migrant Rights (Florence, AZ)
ACMRAcute Cell-Mediated Allograft Rejection (graft rejection)
ACMRAssessment and Care Management Review (UK)
ACMRAteliers des Compagnons Moulistes Reunis (French plastic molding company)
ACMRAminobenzoyl-CoA (Coenzyme A) Monooxygenase/Reductase (enzyme)
ACMRAssociation for Chinese Research (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
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The ACMR rejected Wilson's constitutional challenge.
Within a year of that Article being published, however, the ACMR in Wilson failed to embrace the commentator's position.
The ACMR left undisturbed the legal proposition that conduct remains punishable under the UCMJ if it progresses beyond mere protest to a call for active opposition to U.
Although the court found the First Amendment was not implicated and despite the accused's admission that his conduct was service discrediting and of a nature to be prejudicial to good order and discipline, the ACMR determined that the providence inquiry was infirm "because the inquiry failed to indicate that Hadlick's conduct was `observed by anyone in the armed forces, was in fact a deliberate act of desecration or was likely to be considered by anyone to be a deliberate act of desecration or service discrediting.
To celebrate the new Center, ACMR plans to hold a public open house event in October.
While most medical research facilities function on a linear layout, and are forced to outsource important functions like record-keeping, pharmaceutical compounding, and laboratory processing, the new ACMR location will function as a hub, with each department, participant area, and procedural space positioned in a very intentional way, and all supporting departments kept in-house," says Mr.
Arberg Properties and ACMR anticipate that the center will create an estimated 300 jobs by 2015, and see their new community as a great source for filling these new jobs.
62) The ACMR held the "the military judge correctly found that the conduct of the government in requiring soldiers to alter their uniforms so that they do not comply with government standards and not allowing them to wear their insignia of rank was improper.
107) In another case, the ACMR held that ordering a Soldier pending trial to live in a pup tent surrounded by concertina wire constituted illegal punishment despite the government's argument that such actions were imposed as corrective training to teach the accused to respect the barrack space he damaged during a party.