ACMUAssociation Canadienne de Médecins d'Urgence (Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians)
ACMUAir-Conditioned Multiple Unit (train cars)
ACMUArchitectural Concrete Masonry Unit (construction standards)
ACMUAmerican Community Martialarts University (Reston, VA)
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At the time of his death, Trent had been in the adult correctional system for around six months and had been in the ACMU several times because of self-harm.
The defendant breached its duty of care in not taking further precautions to prevent impulsive self-harm by Trent after his discharge from the ACMU and in particular by placing him in a cell with easy and immediate access to a hanging point by movable milk crates.
Project direct beneficiaries: The project will build institutional and hum an capacities in the OAG and selected Departments in the MoFEP, including the ACMU, the MoFEP.