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ACOAAdult Children Of Alcoholics
ACOAAtlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
ACOAAmerican Committee on Africa
ACOAAnterior Communicating Artery
ACOAAssociation Canadienne des Orthophonistes et Audiologistes (Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists)
ACOAAdaptive Course Of Action
ACOAAustralian Council for Overseas Aid (Australia)
ACOAAlternative Course of Action
ACOAAlternate Course Of Action
ACOAActivity Center for Older Adults
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We are very pleased with the support ACOA has provided for our marketing and regulatory initiatives to date," said Stephen Sham, chairman and chief executive officer of MedMira.
Descriptive statistics for both the ACOA and ACONA groups were calculated and preliminary analyses were conducted to examine possible differences between ACOAs and ACONAs on selected demographic variables.
3 million loan from ACOA with a repayment schedule based on a sales agreement.
Frequency of Various Forms of Family Dysfunction as a Function of Parental Alcoholism Status Parental Alcoholism Status Variable Non-ACOA ACOA Grandparent Alcoholism Status No Alcoholic Grandparents 415 (68%) 53 (31%) One or More Alcoholic Grandparents 192 (32%) 117 (69%) Parental Marital Status Intact Family 489 (81%) 71 (42%) Divorced Family 115 (19%) 97 (58%) Abuse Experienced No Abuse Experienced 515 (85%) 100 (58%) Verbal Abuse Experienced 62 (10%) 40 (23%) Physical Abuse Experienced 24 (4%) 22 (13%) Sexual Abuse Experienced 7 (1%) 10 (6%) Parental Spousal Violence Witnessed No Violence Witnessed 492 (81%) 74 (43%) Verbal Violence Witnessed 97 (16%) 62 (36%) Physical Violence Witnessed 19 (3%) 35 (21%)
Having ACOA recognize the market potential of our innovative vaccine platform is a tremendous boost," commented Brian Lowe, Vice President of IVT.
Established in 1987 by an Act of Parliament, ACOA began its corporate life with an explicit mandate to work in partnership with the people of Atlantic Canada to create more good jobs and raise earned incomes in a part of the country that had been churlishly dismissed, in some quarters, as a have-not.
Currently, with support from both ACOA and the Nova Scotia government, the NSRFC is adding to its capabilities by setting up an Environmental Test Centre to test products and equipment for tolerance to temperature extremes, vibration, shock, altitude, water pressure, ultraviolet rays, sand and dust.
The ACOA is a federal government department dedicated to the economic development of the Atlantic Canada region.
Support was received from the Research & Development Corporation (" RDC ") of Newfoundland and Labrador and from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (" ACOA ") for this development.
The government is offering an investment of $42,900, through ACOA s Innovative Communities Fund, for the organization to acquire cutting-edge equipment to provide access to high-quality production resources and services for media artists across the region.
In 2012, ACOA assisted Lamda Guard with technology commercialization and recently upgraded its contribution to $500,000 to further assist the company in developing and manufacturing its products for the aviation industry.
As previously announced (see "Search Minerals Announces C$225,000 in R&D Funding for Metallurgical Testing in Labrador," January 21, 2014), Search is receiving research and development investments C$112,500 towards the project from each of the Research & Development Corporation (" RDC ") and from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (" ACOA "), and the Company is contributing an additional C$75,000 in working capital.