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ACOAAdult Children Of Alcoholics
ACOAAtlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
ACOAAmerican Committee on Africa
ACOAAnterior Communicating Artery
ACOAArizona Center on Aging
ACOAAssociation Canadienne des Orthophonistes et Audiologistes (Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists)
ACOAAdaptive Course Of Action
ACOAAustralian Council for Overseas Aid (Australia)
ACOAAlternative Course of Action
ACOAAlternate Course Of Action
ACOAActivity Center for Older Adults
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The fact that ACOA status was not associated with the frequency and amount of alcohol consumed may reflect that 73.
Hypervigilance in regard to social interactions and communications can become a way of life for an ACOA long after leaving the alcoholic home (Ruben, 2001).
In 1984, former prime minister Brian Mulroney vowed "to inflict prosperity" on Atlantic Canada, creating ACOA and huge expectations.
The startle response patterns of the ACOA participants were markedly different.
But this person credits ACOA with raising sufficient awareness and providing the solid ground upon which to advocate for changes as being necessary.
ACOA is just one of a handful of federal agencies that direct subsidies to businesses in all regions of the country.
The federal government in the early to mid 1990s, under the auspices of ACOA and Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC), began to put a greater emphasis on a community-based approach to development.
This continued pattern of insecurity in relationships is then reinforced and reinterpreted by the ACOA in the context of adult attachment relationships as well.
Today, ACOA is driven by several clear objectives: to improve the growth and competitiveness of Atlantic small- and medium-sized enterprises, leading to increased productivity, earned incomes and job creation; to stimulate economic opportunities for rural Atlantic Canada through community economic development; and to generate greater economic activity in Atlantic Canada through national policies sensitive to the needs of the region.
ACOA provides services to businesses through a variety of programs that support business innovation and growth.
Section 4 proposes an algorithm based on ACOA with performance matching degree strategy to solve the SPP.