ACOFA Century of Flight (Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004)
ACOFAttendant Control of Facilities
ACOFA Circle of Friends
ACOFAnthony Callea's Official Forum
ACOFAntenna Cut-Off Frequency
ACOFAction for a Common Future
ACOFAdult Circle of Friends
ACOFAutomatic Check of Feedback (automation monitoring safeguard)
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ACOF and NDI worked with legislators to secure a change in California law, and with national organizations and Congressional representatives to amend the Internal Revenue Service code to allow public funding to be used for veterans only projects.
ACOF is a private equity fund focused on injecting junior capital into undercapitalized and/or overleveraged middle market companies.
The limited partners of ACOF include pension funds, banks, insurance companies and endowments.
ACOF focuses on injecting flexible, junior capital into industry leading middle market companies to position them for growth.
ACOF focuses on injecting flexible, long-term junior capital into middle market companies positioned for growth.