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ACOGAmerican College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
ACOGAdvanced Combat Optical Gunsight
ACOGApostolic Church of God
ACOGAtlanta Committee for the Olympic Games
ACOGAppalachian Council of Governments (South Carolina)
ACOGAssociation of Central Oklahoma Governments
ACOGAircraft on Ground
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At the state level, the best person to contact is your ACOG section chairman, who can then direct you to your state's legislative chairman.
Biennial screening mammography, particularly after age 55 years, is a reasonable option to reduce the frequency of harms, as long as patient counseling includes a discussion that with decreased screening comes some reduction in benefits," ACOG advised in a Practice Bulletin issued on June 22 (Obstet Gynecol.
Over the years, ACOG has well positioned itself and developed important long-term relationships with Republican and Democratic lawmakers to focus on women's health as a central issue.
Between hunts, I chatted with Josh Varner, a senior engineer and product designer with Trijicon who designed the ACOG crossbow reticle.
The ACOG focuses on the fact that a doctor's primary duty is to his or her own individual patient, and that ethical and legal considerations guide this responsibility.
Here are the available ACOG repair parts and their NSNs:
ACOG does not recommend that girls and women be tested for HPV before they are vaccinated.
Dicha seccion fue conformada con 40 Miembros Fundadores, Ginecologos de todo el pais, que participaron en una reunion final con representantes de ACOG; a partir de este momento y una vez se reciba la aprobacion oficial de la Presidencia de ACOG, todos los Gineco-obstetras miembros de FECOLSOG pueden afiliarse a ACOG por medio de la Seccion Colombia, tal como se ha realizado en Centroamerica y en Chile.
The GG&G Accucam ACOG Quick Detach Mount with Integral Lens Covers combines the Accucam QD Mount with Flip Up Lens Covers.
In November 2007, ACOG issued a new ethical statement, "The Limits of Conscientious Refusal in Reproductive Medicine.
En 1951 ACOG fue creado y desde entonces lo anteriormente mencionado ha sido nuestra mision.