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ACOLAbortion Clinics OnLine
ACOLAIDS Committee of London (Ontario, Canada)
ACOLAverage Cost of Labour
ACOLAdvisory Committee for Online Learning (Canada)
ACOLAmericans for Country of Origin Labeling
ACOLAir Combat On-Line (US Navy)
ACOLAdvanced Certificate in Online Learning (educational accreditation)
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In the application here, ACOL is calculated for each first-term retention decision maker based on a time horizon that begins with the first-term decision point and ends with the 20-yr career point (and so includes the annualized value of future military retirement pay).
The theory underlying the ACOL model has been developed extensively in the literature (Warner and Goldberg 1984; Hogan and Black 1991; Daula and Moffitt 1995).
DOE assistant secretary Jose Raymund Acol said following the evaluation process, any award that shall be made has to be endorsed to the Energy Secretary for approval.
755kg ACOL CHEMICAL TROPHY Biggest Chessa Denise Rae 1.
Angeth Acol de Dut, the undersecretary in the public service ministry is optimistic the Electronic Payroll Systems (EPS) will help the young nation reduce the existence of ghost workers on government payrolls.
George's has shown itself to be a leader in responding to the ADS pandemic and is an example to other Christian communities," said Chris McInnis, director of community development at ACOL.
America) makes ACOL (a bidding system in bridge), HITCHITI (tribe of American Indians) makes CHIT, and INNSIGNS appositely makes GINS
Vascular surgeon Christopher Lattimer was charged after police searched his home at Acol, Kent, last October, sparked by the international crackdown Operation Ore.
OLD BOYS SATURDAY, JANUARY 13 Division One: Netherley Athletic 1 Alumni 2, Quarry Bank OB 0 South Mersey 1, Sacre Coeur FP 0 ACOL 7, Waterloo GSOB 1 FC Salle 1.
George Acol Vale, Tagbilaran police chief, said they had yet to determine the motive in the killing Eduardo Flores Enerio, 60.
Tagbilaran City police chief Major George Acol Vale said the crime group's modus operandi includes their members' entering a target mall, acting as if they are on a buying mood.
375kg Bite 'Retired'--Tom Oxden-Willows Acol Chemicals Trophy--Biggest Chessa 1.