ACOPApproved Code Of Practice
ACOPAdmissions and Continued Occupancy Policy (various organizations)
ACOPA Change of Pace (band)
ACOPApostolic Church of Pentecost of Canada (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
ACOPAssociation of Chief Officers of Probation (UK)
ACOPAssociation Canadienne d'Oncologie Psychosociale (French: Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology)
ACOPAéro-Club de l'Ouest Parisien (French: Aero Club of West Paris; Paris, France)
ACOPAdjusted Coefficient of Performance (standard rating term that was used to rate the efficiency of heat pumps in California)
ACOPArlington Coalition of Police (Arlington, Virginia)
ACOPAirborne Corps Operation Plan
ACOPAnalytic Cost Probability Model
ACOPAlternating Current Output
ACOPAutomobile Club Oise Picardie (French car club)
ACOPAmerican College of Osteopathic Pediatricians
ACOPAssistant Commissioner of Police (various locations)
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There was no significant difference between Group ACOP and Group C in terms of age, weight, height, body mass index, mean serum sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, magnesium levels and gender distributions (Table 1 and 2).
Suzanne McCollum, manager of the ACOP program, said she sends announcements to the Army staff about every three months requesting nominations, so NCOs in the Washington area should let their supervisors know if they're interested.
But ACOP also highlights attacks on innocent people mistaken for paedophiles - like father of three Iain Armstrong, whose Manchester home was attacked last week when neighbours thought he was an offender.
In principle, it includes all the data collected under ACOP from 1970 to the present.
Companies pay ACOP millions of dollars to become corporate sponsors of the Games.
But the real action starts on Saturday 3rd November with the ACOP warm-up day.
The group toured a local property management company and met with representatives from CB Richard Ellis and staff from ACOP, an established Chilean real estate association.
ACOP certificates are preferred, but assessment can be provided where necessary as Nelson has its own approved training centre.
According to a guide published by the e-Health Initiative Foundation in collaboration with AMA, AAFP, ACOP, MGMA and CIMM, e-prescribing can improve patient safety, medication compliance, prescribing accuracy and efficiency and reduce health care costs through averted adverse drug events and substitution of less expensive drug alternative.
Contract Award Notice: Technical inspection of completed gas appliance service and repair work and the provision of written reports to the employer in respect of compliance with legislation and ACOP.
Contract Notice: East & West Dunbartonshire Councils require the services of a competent contractor to facilitate water quality management in line with legislative compliance guidance document ACOP L8.